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a former name for niobium

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Taking into account that for these materials the parameter values got by the finite element method calculation are close to the values P=16/9, Q=-8/9, F=-7/63 got by the model of the polycrystal with the use of the deformation homogeneity hypothesis, for materials with the cubic crystal lattice in the work [7] two-parameter strength criterion was proposed which describes the strength of columbium alloys well.
Metal specialty alloys Carpenter Technology Corp (NYSE:CRS) said on Wednesday that it plans to implement a columbium (Cb / Nb) surcharge with effect with shipments commencing 1 March 2011.
Interestingly, at the same time columbium was considered the material for the X-20 DYNA-SOAR, but the amount required exceeded the world's annual production of the element.
In one earlier report I mentioned seeing some middling specimens of the ferrocolumbite which is intermittently collected from the dumps of the Giles pegmatite prospect, Spargoville, Western Australia, where active questing for columbium and tantalum (and for aquamarine crystals) ceased in the late 1970's.
The continent produces many resources, from agricultural products to diamonds, gold, manganese, natural gas, timber, uranium, petroleum, and columbium tantalite or "Col-Tan" used by many western nations in everything from technological innovation in aviation and space exploration to computer chips.
Materials include tantalum, columbium, vanadium, molybdenum, and zirconium.
Now metals in the series, such as tantalite, niobium and columbium, are in great demand because of their super-conductivity, anti-corrosion, high melting point and chemical contribution to lightweight steel.
The principal known metals and minerals are copper, cobalt, diamond, gold, silver, zinc, columbium, tin, nickel, manganese, and cadmium.
Between 1975 and 1978, copper and cobalt production had fallen by 25%, the production of tin and strategically important columbium and tantalum ran below capacity, and the mining of manganese stopped altogether due to collapsing transport systems and lack of supplies, parts, and technicians.
Imported Major Foreign Sources 1990 1986-1989 Arsenic 100 France, Sweden, Chile, Mexico Caesium (pollucite) 100 Canada Columbium 100 Brazil, Canada, Germany (Niobium) Thailand Graphite 100 Mexico, China, Brazil, Madagscar Manganese 100 Rep.