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a black mineral that is an ore of niobium and tantalum

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Apart form oil and gas, Nigeria's other minerals include tin, columbite, coal and limestone but none of these were exported in large quantities.
The Virgil carbonatite includes syenite and biotite sovite that includes calcite, biotite and minor feldspar, apatite, zircon, columbite and pyrochlore.
Examples of these crude mineral ores without MVA include gold, oil, lignite, columbite, uranium, radium, and bauxite, among others (see Table 1).
Oil, natural gas, petroleum, tin, columbite, iron, coal, limestone, lead, zinc, arable land, gold, chromium, antimony, manganese, nickel, phosphates, uranium, gem diamonds, platinum, copper, vanadium, salt, asbestos, lithium, cobalt, emeralds, silver, hydropower, clay, cassiterite (tin ore), forests, quarry, talc, cadmium, fish, titanium, tantalum, graphite, bauxite, chromite, quartz, tar sands, semiprecious stones, mica, water, soda ash, potash, feldspar, gypsum, timber, natron, kaolin, industrial diamonds, germanium, radium, marble, basalt rock, rubber, rare earth oxides, peat, geothermal resources, rubies, fluorspar, garnets, wolframite (tungsten ore), methane, copra, cinnamon trees, tungsten, gemstones, [wildlife].
Tantalo-niobates such as tantalite and columbite are ideally suited for U-Pb dating because of the potential to incorporate U (200-1000 ppm; Romer & Wright 1992; Kinny 2000) and, therefore, contain a significant radiogenic lead content.
The minerals identified included bastnaesite, yttrofluorite, yttrocerite, columbite, changbaiite, and kasolite.
Nigeria is also endowed with variety of solid minerals ranging from coal, cassiterite and columbite in the southern region to limestone, iron ore, tin and marble in the northern region.
In diversifying its economy away from its dependence on oil, Nigeria's underexploited mining sector had resources of iron ore, tine, columbite, tantalite, gypsum, cola, gold, nickel, lead and uranium to exploit.
Along with the miners were 370 drums of columbite and tantalum, both byproducts of tin mining.
It's coltan, short for the minerals it contains - columbite and tantalite - and it's a key component in the manufacture of mobile phones and other electronic equipment: it was a low coltan supply that led to a shortage of PlayStation2 platforms in 2000.
The Flotinor collectors have proved successful for the flotation of non-sulphidic ores and industrial minerals such as cassiterite, columbite, wolframite, scheelite, barite, fluorite, heavy minerals from glass sands and particularly for apatite.
Bauxite, coal, cobalt, columbite, copper, diamonds, gold, iron ore, lead, limestone, manganese, natural gas, petroleum oil, phosphate, rutile and ilmenite, salt, tin, uranium, and zinc
During the 1960s Richards manufactured its first mobile concentration plants, which were designed and supplied for the mining of tin and columbite in the Jos plateau of Nigeria.