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arboreal nocturnal mammal of southeast Asia and the Philippines resembling a lemur and having a fold of skin on each side from neck to tail that is used for long gliding leaps

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Colugos can glide the length of two football fields (110m), manoeuvre around obstacles and execute 90 degree turns in midair.
Now, scientists have discovered that two rare species of mammals, called colugos, are very nearly primates--but not quite.
It's a colugo or flying lemur, although this is something of a misnomer since it doesn't actually fly and it certainly isn't a lemur" - the Mighty Attenborough (Planet Earth)
Life-forms such as the flying colugo, red crab spiders, blue birds of paradise and the parasitic fungi cordyceps, which have developed unique survival abilities, are also observed.
This study examines how bat humeral and femoral structural properties differ from those of small-bodied primates, colugos, and sciurids.