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mostly tropical American shrubs or small trees with small yellowish flowers and yellow or red fruits

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Colubrine is everything Matt wants to be and although Kris, 34, admits he is competitive he is appalled by the lengths his character will go to.
The specimen conforms to the diagnosis provided by Holman (1979) for colubrine trunk vertebrae.
Lovable Danny (Bryan Dick) is out of place among amoral Matt (Kris Marshall), bitchy Mel (Christina Cole) and ruthless boss Mr Colubrine (Anthony Head), who rules the office via a web link from his tax haven.
ADJECTIVE ANIMAL cervine civet cat colubrine deer hircine goat larine gull lutrine otter musteline seal ovine sheep phocine snake sciurine squirrel viverrine weasel
A standardized extract of piptadenia colubrine, it increase fibronectins, aquaporins and envelope proteins, increasing moisturization from inside out, according to the company, which operates from Sao Paulo.
Mr Colubrine pays a visit to the office and announces plans to expand to Spain, leading the agents to compete for the top job as manager in Almeria.
Mr Colubrine pays a visit to the office, bringing lews that sets the agents in competition.