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Number (N), prevalence (P), mean intensity (M [+ or -] SD), range (R), and site of infection for helminths of six colubrid snake species from California.
The genus Macdonaldius was established by Khanna (1933) for the type species Macdonaldius seetae Khanna 1933, which was collected from the portal vein of the colubrid snake, Coluber melanoleucus.
Other colubrid snakes captured were the small "ground snakes" Diadophis punctatus, Carphophis amoenus, and Storeria dekayi.
Comparative ecology of two colubrid snakes, Masticophis t.
large colubrid snakes and lizards) known from the surrounding area.
Topics will include native reptiles and amphibians, pythons and boas, colubrid snakes, lizards, turtles and tortoises, crocodiles and alligators, rattlesnakes and pit vipers, venomous animals, care of captive reptiles and amphibians, reptile diseases in captivity, conservation, and reptiles of other countries.
Testicular histology was similar to that reported by Goldberg and Parker (1975) for the colubrid snakes, Masticophis taeniatus and Pituophis catenifer (= P.
chlorophaea different from the more typical bimodal (high number of observations in spring and autumn) recorded for larger-bodied, temperate species of colubrid snakes (Oliver, 1955), such as racers (Coluber constrictor), hognose snakes (Heterodon), and ratsnakes (Pantherophis).
This parasite has previously been reported in two viperids and several colubrid snakes from various North American localities, including Texas (Table 1).
Coelomic endoparasites in four species of colubrid snakes, Drymobius margaritiferus, Masticophis mentovarius, Salvadora mexicana and Trimorphodon tau from Mexico.
Some colubrid snakes adopt a defensive posture by inflating the anterior part of their bodies or opening their mouths in a threatening posture (La Marca and Soriano 2004, Lancini 1986, Lotzkat 2007, Natera-Mumaw et al.
Comparative ecology of two colubrid snakes, Masticophis taeniatus taeniatus and Pituophis melanoleucus deserticola, in northern Utah.