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Texasophis (Squamata:Colubridae), an extinct,archaic colubrid snake genus, is important in that Texasophis galbreathi from the early Oligocene (Orellan) of eastern Colorado represents one of the first appearances of the huge family Colubridae in North America (Holman l984a).
pyramidum) to a colubrid snake (Spalerosophis diadema) and found that the gerbils reduced their foraging in response to the presence of the snakes.
Parmley D and Holman JA: Nebraskophis Holman from the Late Eocene of Georgia (USA), the oldest known North American colubrid snake.
One hundred fifty-nine individuals of six colubrid snake species: Arizona elegans (n = 43, mean snout-vent length [SVL] = 589 mm [+ or -] 205 SD, range = 238-930 mm), Chionactis occipitalis (n = 31, SVL = 258 mm [+ or -] 20 SD, range = 222-300 mm), Masticophis flagellum (n = 12, SVL = 861 mm [+ or -] 118 SD, range 697-1104 mm), Masticophis lateralis (n = 14, SVL = 765 mm [+ or 1] 136 SD, range 520-963 mm), Phyllorhynchus decurtatus (n = 26, SVL = 357 mm [+ or -]47 SD, range = 242-469 mm), and Rhinocheilus lecontei (n = 33, SVL = 590 mm [+ or -] 93 SD, range = 362-743 mm) were borrowed from the herpetology collection of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (LACM), Los Angeles, California (accession numbers, Appendix 1).
Because Farancia is also a Colubrid snake and may experience similar lengths of seasonal activity as P.
Abstract: Sibon lamari, a new species of colubrid snake from northeastern Costa Rica is described on the basis of six specimens.
The genus Macdonaldius was established by Khanna (1933) for the type species Macdonaldius seetae Khanna 1933, which was collected from the portal vein of the colubrid snake, Coluber melanoleucus.
Other colubrid snakes captured were the small "ground snakes" Diadophis punctatus, Carphophis amoenus, and Storeria dekayi.