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Corn Snakes are a group of small sized Colubrids found throughout the eastern part of the United States.
Scale ornamentation has been characterized for other species of the colubrid tribe Lampropeltini, including Prairie Kingsnakes (L.
Henderson RW, Schwartz A, Noeske-Hallin TA (1987) Food habits of three colubrid tree snakes (Genus Uromacer) on Hispaniola.
is a mystery, but it is possible that nocturnal predation on this species in pitfall traps by large colubrids or viperids, or perhaps other mammals explains the low numbers of this cricetid mouse.
The Neotropical colubrid snake fauna (Serpentes: Colubridae): lineage components and biogeography.
Pathology and molecular characterization of two novel atadenoviruses in colubrid snakes.
Characterization of a myotoxin from the Duvenoy's gland secretion of the xenodontine colubrid Philodryas olfersii (green snake): Effects on striated muscle and the neuromuscular junction.
The Arabian cat snake Telescopus dhara (Forskal, 1775) is a rear-fanged colubrid snake found in the peripheral mountains of Arabia, from the Gulf of Aqaba, southwards through the Hijaz to the Yemen mountains, to the mountainous and rocky areas of Oman.
Other popular species are the colubrid snake, veiled chameleon and crested gecko.
Ecology of the colubrid snake Pseudablabes agassizii in south-eastern South America.
large colubrid snakes and lizards) known from the surrounding area.
Fourteen colubrid snake vertebrae were recovered (Table 1; SEKI-20170, 20182), that represent both small and large individuals.