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a valuable black mineral combining niobite and tantalite

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Despite the on-going Ebola crisis AMR Gold has recommenced its exploration and evaluation programmes on its three Loko Hills Exploration Licences for gold, tin, coltan and accessory minerals.
that further alluvial and primary coltan mineralisation maybe found in
Eighty percent of the world's coltan reserves are in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Van Abel, a 36-year-old father-of three, had initially focused on finding a way to ethically obtain coltan, a mineral which is vital for mobile phones whose extraction in the Democratic Republic of Congo feeds one of the deadliest conflicts since World War II.
Simultaneously, the incentives to enter illegal markets are becoming stronger: Roughly 20 percent of the world market in coltan -- a precious metal that is used in mobile communications -- is illegally traded.
For instance, the Democratic Republic of Congo has 70 percent of the coltan minerals, extensively used in the manufacturing of cell phones, and 30 percent of the diamond reserves in the world; it is therefore expected that thanks to these resources, this country will make huge contributions to the economic development of the continent.
She also highlighted the possibilities of hydroelectricity, renewable energy and industrial fishing on Lake Tanganyika, extraction and processing mining: nickel, gold, coltan.
Colombia, which has two oceans and has access to the Amazon rainforest, is a huge pot of gold, silver, diamonds, gemstones, iron, coal, uranium and coltan.
Eastern Congo is rich in minerals, including tantalum, a metal used in cellphones and computers, gold, copper, coltan and cobalt.
While it is vast and rich with essential minerals such as gold and coltan, a metallic ore that is a vital component of mobile phones, the people suffer a living standard among the lowest in the world.
Engel reported that China was interested in the road in order to gain easier access to rare earth metals like coltan, an important ingredient in cell phones.
One thinks of all the exposed, wounded, or endangered men in McQueen's installation work, from his own naked self sparring, perhaps aggressively, perhaps erotically, with another nude male in Bear, 1993, to the scarred youth who recounts his brother's accidental death by gunshot in 7th November, 2001; the British war dead in Queen and Country, 2007-; and the coltan harvesters in Gravesend, 2007, whose exploited flesh is set against the sound of shrieking machinery.
In Wednesday's resolution the Council also recommended that all countries, but particularly those in the region, publish regular statistics for the import and export of natural resources such as gold, cassiterite, coltan, wolframite, timber and charcoal.
Instead Paul Kagame's regime makes millions of dollars from the illegal exploitation of valuable mineral deposits such as coltan, a metallic ore of niobium and tantalum which is mined in neighbouring Congo and then exported through Rwanda to end up in our mobile phones and laptops.
Wales Under-16 team to play England at Liverpool: Gareth Cueto (Pill), Mathew Swan (Pill, capt), Ryan Spriggs (St Albans), Daniel Noise (Gower Sports), Coltan Jamie (St Michaels), Rhys Lane (Pill), Curtis Scotto (St Albans), Albin Sonny (St Michaels), Louis Hillberg (Pill), Tom Berry (Pill), Liam Phelps (St Michaels), Alex Young (St Michaels).