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a valuable black mineral combining niobite and tantalite

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2016 Helped shut down eight quarries in Upemba and removed more than 1,400 small-scale coltan miners
ETHICAL OPTION: As no brands boycott the use of coltan, donate to a charity such as Anti-Slavery International (antislavery.
No se trata de un motor que pueda convertirse en algo desvastador para producir oro, diamante y coltan al precio que sea, haciendo mas pobres y enfermos y desarraigados de sus familias a miles de mineros, y extender irresponsablemente las fronteras de las areas intervenidas en suelos, vegetaciony aguas, como tierras de nadie.
Coltan (blue gold) is a rare mineral used in making cellphones and computers.
Nadine's village is located beside a coltan mine, a mineral found in virtually all our cellphones.
The lives of three teens from three continents are affected by the mining, production and consumption of coltan, a mineral used to make cellphones and laptops.
Pata kapitola, od Bronislava Bechynskeho, analyzuje konflikt o coltan v Demokraticke republice Kongo.
Minerals such as cassiterite, coltan and wolfram are a growing part of Rwanda's economy, partly due to ongoing reforms and substantial investments in the sector--Rwanda invested $46.
For five hundred years, slaves, ivory, rubber, palm oil, copper and now coltan have been extracted at enormous social costs.
We expect the DRC's potential to be even higher, because of the country's immense diversity, from copper to diamonds, oil and coltan.
Design is Evil," proclaimed one, which noted how "blood minerals" like coltan, used in cell phones and other common electronic devices, are causing massive conflicts in the Congo.
Due to advancement in the digital technology, the demand of Coltan has skyrocketed.
First (chapters 1-4 and 8), he focuses on economics by exploring the role of diamonds in Sierra Leone, oil in Sudan, gold and coltan in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, cocaine in Colombia, and the existence of "ghost soldiers" (p.
Greystoke has traveled to the jungle under the premise of finding his long-lost relative but is secretly looking to mine a lost city for its jewels and coltan deposits, an element used in electronics ranging from cell phones to laptops.