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Synonyms for colourlessness

the visual property of being without chromatic color

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The colour, or rather, the colourlessness, of money.
It has a peculiar ghostly colourlessness amid the darkish colourlessness of the wood" ("FT" 235).
And the glaring white gap in the picture echoes that other terrifying whiteness, of the white room, the white bed, the colourlessness of excruciating suppression of the semiotic and shattering entry into the symbolic.
Which begs the question, would we accept a World Cup win from England that mirrored the colourlessness to be found every week in the Premiership.
Here it is not the capacity of water to reflect, but its colourlessness signifying emotional neutrality and therefore clarity of perception, which figures the quality of the verbal image.
Perhaps, then, the relative colourlessness of rhotics is precisely what characterises them.