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the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:KRT) is pleased to announce the recovery of a large, clear, colourless, macrodiamond from samples extracted from Kimberlite 140/141 that was drilled in the 2004 Evaluation Program.
The two largest diamonds are a colourless composite crystal and a pale brown octahedron weighing 0.
The stone appears to be a colourless octahedral composite crystal.
The largest diamond recovered was a colourless octahedral aggregate measuring 2.
The majority are colourless, high transparent diamonds and the largest weighs 1.
46 Safe lock micro test tubes, 2 ml, colourless, 1000 pieces
According to the Guardian, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage tells the story of a man who is ostracised by four best high school friends, Mr Red, Mr Blue, Miss White and Miss Black because he is colourless, as his name is the only one without a kanji symbol for a colour.
Chloroform is a colourless liquid with a sweet smell ?
Under a fluorescence microscope, they could see that the colourless transparent worms had taken up the dye.
THE largest colourless diamond to appear at auction in almost 20 years goes on public view later this week.
The biggest colourless diamond to appear at auction for 20 years will go under the hammer later this year, officials said as it was unveiled in London yesterday.
From the French "caillou du Rhin", the colourless, hard-glass artificial gems termed "rhinestone" was named because it was originally made on the Rhine at Strasbourg.
SO2 is a colourless gas that smells like burnt matches and is said to cause (from high exposure) respiration illnesses, cardiovascular disease and changes in lung defense.
Colourless, odourless and when added to alcohol it gets rid of inhibition and causes amnesia (effect lasts up to 24 hours).