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US health regulator flags cola colouring agent for its cancer- causing potential
The caramel colouring chemical added to the aerated drink for that rich mahogany tint could be turning it into a cancerous cocktail.
The Local Government Group study, analysed food from 223 takeaways across England and Wales and found illegally high levels of certain colourings, in some of the food.
Consequently, from July 20, 2010 onward foods which contain certain artificial colourings (including orange yellow, quinoline yellow and azorubine) will have to be labelled with the warning "may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.
The Food Standards Agency has called for the colourings to be phased out, saying they are a potential cause of problems such as hyperactivity in children and skin rashes in adults.
The Green Party yesterday held a press conference in Limassol where they presented the findings of a study by the University of Southampton on the adverse effects of additives with colourings on the development of children.
The chain's ban covers 12 new colourings, all of which are legally permitted.
More than270 three-year-olds took part in the study at Southampton University where four colourings, including tartrazine (E102), and a preservative, sodium benzoate (E211),were tested.
Although the levels found for both colourings were above the legal limit, the FSA says they were not high enough to raise health concerns.
Restaurateurs in the region are beginning to feel the heat from trading standards experts who claim more than 35 per cent of food samples tested contained more than the prescribed level of artificial colourings.
When a group of three-year-olds were given fruit juice containing artificial colourings for two weeks, parents reported noticeable behavioural problems.
But excessive levels of emulsifiers may cause stomach upsets, while colourings and preservatives have been linked to allergies and hyperactivity.
CURRY houses are being urged to drop their "the brighter the better" attitude to meals, after a survey revealed that some of them were going overboard on artificial colourings.
THE Food Standards Agency (FSA) wants six artificial colourings to be removed from food products because of an "accumulating body of evidence" that they are associated with child hyperactivity.
THE EUROPEAN Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has launched comprehensive consultation on 45 food colourings currently used in the European Union, as the first step of a systematic re-evaluation of all EU-authorised food additives.