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Did I," said Julia, colouring scarlet; "I am sure--I have forgotten--it must be a mistake, surely, dear aunt.
Coming in from the eastward, the bright colouring of the lightship marking the part of the river committed to the charge of an Admiral(the Commander-in-Chief at the Nore) accentuates the dreariness and the great breadth of the Thames Estuary.
Knowledge of this kind is like Titian's colouring, difficult to communicate; and as Mrs.
She stood with her left hand towards the descending sun, and leafy boughs screened her from its rays; but in this sober light the delicate colouring of her face seemed to gather a calm vividness, like flowers at evening.
In one hand he held a short slender stick, pointed with a shark's tooth, on the upright end of which he tapped with a small hammer-like piece of wood, thus puncturing the skin, and charging it with the colouring matter in which the instrument was dipped.
You are too kind," said Fanny, colouring at such praise; "how shall I ever thank you as I ought, for thinking so well of me.
But I need not enlarge further, for to do so would require a story to itself, and entail a colouring which I am lothe to impart to the present narrative.