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Synonyms for colourful

Synonyms for colourful

striking in variety and interest

having striking color


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Ladies day is always a stylish day out and we're excited to pick a potential winner in our most colourfully dressed category, and we've even got some unusual fundraising activities lined up.
Dozens of colourfully dressed sausage dogs have taken part in Krakow's annual dachshund parade.
The guardians of the stone were extremely quick to react and within weeks it was rededicated, even more colourfully, in honour of Elvis, in whose name it has continued to serve as a local landmark until its destruction and replacement as detailed in your columns.
Gorffwysfa is usually referred to colourfully as "24 Sussex Drive.
This colourfully illustrated trail guide for a heavily used area in Garibaldi Provincial Park is a welcome companion for every hiker with an interest in the surrounding geology.
The Victorian who knew the exotic realm of birdlife like no other is colourfully depicted in this perceptive biography.
Peering down from her box she'd have seen hats ranging from stylish to colourfully zany to plain flower-power bizarre.
This colourfully illustrated, high quality booklet was developed in Tallinn by Russian and Estonian teenagers who participated in the Nordic Institute for Women's Studies and Gender Research "Living for Tomorrow' project.
It's all colourfully and cutely delivered on the DS and will no doubt prompt questions of "Can I have a real one?
Even now, despite the fact that global warming has made snow in the Midlands a comparative rarity, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without cards depicting jolly Pickwickian ladies and gentlemen battling through improbably thick blizzards on sledges weighed down by colourfully wrapped presents.
At night the varying degrees of light, temperature and intensity are visibly displayed in the colourfully back-lit windows.
This week, our hero could be in trouble after he sends a colourfully worded email criticising educational adviser Roy Smedley.
Aficionados of the writer dressed up in the Edwardian attire - primarily boaters and colourfully striped blazers - and perambulated through the city in the manner of Bloom quoting excerpts from Ulysses