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Synonyms for colourful

Synonyms for colourful

striking in variety and interest

having striking color


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Use cartoon pages of newspapers and colourful pages of magazines as gift wrap.
Colourful Bolt and Spearhawk went off 7-4 joint favourites for the race, but the latter didn't make the best of starts and was a close third into the bend as Colourful Bolt just led up from Whiteys Hawk.
On the bend Colourful Bolt asserted, while Spearhawk took a bump and then ran into further trouble while recovering.
The study shows that the more colourful the lizard, the more yolk antioxidants there are in her eggs.
The colouration also suggests that more colourful females produce healthier eggs and attract more and/or higher-quality male mates, ultimately producing high-quality offspring.
PAUL HENNESSY sends out Colourful Fox in Sunday's EUR6,000 Supporters Club Munster Puppy Derby at Clonmel with realistic chances of taking the prize.
Colourful Fox has drawn trap six, which may well suit given the fact the dog has been edging a bit outwards in recent runs.
Jewellery shops displayed colourful traditional ornaments in tune with the rising demand.
Buyers found the colourful jewellery more appealing than the regular black metal and oxidized ones, which used to rule the markets earlier.
Angeline Lee's colourful horse drawn gypsy carriage has been a familiar site in the city centre for the past seven years.
She towed the touring van on to the pavement in exactly the same spot as she usually parks her bright red and green wagon, and propped up her colourful advertising boards against the white sides.
Barney's Colourful World is the second Barney Tour to hit the UK.