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the timbre of a musical sound

choice and use of colors (as by an artist)

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In none of the specimens the shell colouration is preserved around the entire shell circumference, but the combined observations of all the specimens suggest that bands originally circumscribed the shell surface.
The club said it complemented both the colouration in the Newcastle United club crest and the logo of the new principal sponsor.
Maintaining bright colouration uses up resources which could otherwise be invested in reproduction or self-maintenance -- consequently the evolution and maintenance of ornamentation in female great tits is probably due to direct selection by males.
University of St Andrews researchers monitored diet in 35 people, finding more colouration in those who eat more greens in their diet, BBC health reported.
During the first three years of the survey (2000-2002), all specimens collected were of the "typical" colouration that is found in eastern southern Africa, being black with cream or blue-grey markings on the body (Figs 1-3, 5).
While some change owners for a few pounds, rare ones with what we described as mutated colouration can go for thousands of pounds these days, so it is fatuous to deny that it is a business.
The Kori Bustard is a large bird with mottled grayish-buff colouration, dark brown vermiculation, and a distinct white stripe over each eye.
The official description of the horse is 'skewbald' which is an extremely rare colouration in racing.
The result was colour swirls in the cross-section and thus insufficient colouration.
The jagged edge and gradual colouration of Barker and Stonehouse's Rough cast bowls lend them a rustic feel which works well with this kind of pulled-together look.
At week 2 the Polygonum group had black colouration in the regrowing hair, while neither less visible hair growth nor black colouration was observed in the control group.
2), a felicitous blend of Millet and Renoir, shimmers with delicate curving brushstrokes; seeing it first-hand allows one to experience the circulating hypnotic effect of the marks and the finesse of the colouration, neither of which is fully apparent in reproductions.
Beta] - carotene 10% CWS Star - a high performance and natural-source [Beta] - carotene formulation for the colouration and fortification of food and beverages.
The red colouration is supposed to represent the Virgin Mary's red cloak, the insect's seven spots a nod toward her seven joys and seven sorrows.
Company's proprietary hair colouration and colour removal systems.