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the Court found that, in establishing the long-gun registry, "There is no colourable intrusion into provincial jurisdiction, either in the sense that Parliament has an improper motive or that it is taking over provincial powers under the guise of the criminal law" (28) We are of the view that this is not the case in providing for the destruction of the data in the long-gun registry.
This flexible, soft and colourable fibre provides superior comfort and aesthetics, plus sustainable FR technology and the highest level of protection and durability for workers in safety-focused industries such as oil and gas and chemicals.
The power [to appoint the DGP] ought not to be exercised arbitrarily or in a colourable manner," the judges observed.
There was "no colourable exercise of power" by the state government in acquiring the land, chief justice S S Nijjar and justice P C Ghosh said, dismissing all the 11 petitions challenging the land acquisition process.
that in most cases the story is the same and the illustrations are definitely colourable imitations and quite often the exact ch aracters in the same position as in their own publication.
COM" or any word/mark/domain name which is identical with or deceptively similar to or a colourable imitation of, the Plaintiffs' mark and/or registered domain name "WWW.
The colourable and printable materials have a wide processing and application window and can be used to increase the renewable content of the final product by up to 50 per cent.