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Synonyms for colour-blind

unable to distinguish one or more chromatic colors


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unprejudiced about race

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He had come up with the idea to help colour-blind people through his PhD work and with our similar computer and electronic background we hooked up and formed our company Scratchface Limited.
A colour-blind person cannot tell the difference between two of the primary colours and most have a distortion in the hues produced by the primary colours.
Most colour-blind people do not find the disorder disabling.
Mr Skelly, an ardent Magpie, of Belford, in Northumberland, is calling on the Football Association to look into kit clashes that cause problems for colour-blind fans.
This means that the sharks only had one type of cone and one type of rod gene, supporting that they are colour-blind.
And if you wish to make any progress, you must submit to a dress code apparently dreamed up by colour-blind spinsters during clothing rationing in the 40s.
Colour-blind test from China REGARDING FW Jenkins on colourblindness (Viewpoints, July 25).
Researchers said their findings countered the myth that newborn tots were colour-blind.