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A diagnosis of the type of colour vision deficiency is based on the pattern of errors revealed on this plot.
In six out of the nine plates, a child with a colour vision deficiency can identify one of the shapes on the page; a child with normal colour vision sees two or three shapes on the page.
A child with a colour vision deficiency may select the figure formed by the luminance cue or select no figure at all.
The optometrist is likely to be the health care practitioner who will make the initial diagnosis of a colour vision deficiency In order to screen for colour vision deficiencies, the practitioner must be aware of the correct procedure to carry out the test and how to interpret the results, bearing in mind any limitations of the test that is being used.
Terms protan, deutan and tritan refer to a colour vision deficiency in which the L-, M- and S-cone pigments, respectively, are affected.
A male will exhibit a colour vision deficiency if the single X chromosome that he possesses contains a defective opsin gene array.
Deuteranomaly is the most common colour vision deficiency, affecting about 4.
It is the most common inherited colour vision deficiency
The test also identifies the class and severity of any colour vision deficiency.
03 What percentage of the general population is likely to suffer from the congenital colour vision deficiency illustrated in Image A?
2) Examples of colours that might be confused by patients with a colour vision deficiency are given in Table 1.
No definite conclusion has been reached as to the effect of colour vision deficiency on an individual's education.
Although there are no clear conclusions on the effects of colour vision deficiency on educational achievements, a child who is experiencing learning problems for other reasons may be further handicapped by a colour vision deficiency (12) and may feel anxious and different.
Individuals with a colour vision deficiency also reported difficulties with colour tasks at work.
Verriest also recognised that sometimes there is no prominent axis of confusion in an acquired colour vision deficiency.