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New trading products to be launched as part of this strategic move will include rubber-based products like aluminium insulation tubes, aluminium insulation sheet, aluminium insulation roll, slitting tubes, colour tubes and foam tapes, PVC tapes and flexible duct insulated and un-insulated.
We will be releasing new rubber-based products such as aluminium insulation tubes, aluminium insulation sheets, aluminium insulation rolls, slitting tubes, colour tubes and foam tapes.
The energy, spirit and the unique madness that made him jump around squeezing out toothpaste-sized colour tubes all over the canvas were all very exciting.
In 2003, production of colour tubes for monitors and televisions closed with 870 job losses.
Also favouring the colour tubes is Clinique whose Colour Surge Impossibly Glossy (pounds 11) has five new shades - pink, plum, hibiscus, grape and luau.
The workshops take place between 11am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday at National Museum of Liverpool Life car park Colour Dome - Travel through a maze of colour tubes, chambers of intense colour and light and enter the large transparent dome where musicians and mime artists perform.
Ministers are being asked to give details of public funding paid to LG Philips, whose Newport plant produces colour tubes for computer monitors and televisions and employs 870 people.