colour television

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Michelle Bowman, 43, of The Fleet, Redcar, fined pounds 50 with pounds 75 costs for using a colour television receiver without a licence.
Colour televisions did not outnumber black and white sets until 1976.
Summary: The cost of a colour television licence will rise by Au3 to Au142.
1928: The first colour television broadcast was transmitted by John Logie Baird in London: John Logie Baird, who was born in 1888, in Helensburgh, a small Scottish town, and developed the idea of mechanical television in London after encountering the concept in his favourite magazines, Wireless World and Wireless Weekly.
At IFA, Thomson is launching its first 36cm TV/DVD combination unit and is expanding its line of 25cm and 36cm colour television receivers that are water and grease resistant (and come in attractive colours that are perfect for the kitchen).
It is a global leader in colour television sets, lighting, electric shavers, colour picture tubes for televisions and monitors, and one-chip TV products.