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(British) a magazine that is printed in color and circulated with a newspaper (especially on weekends)

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With Scandinavian and French painted pieces, mid-century modern, Art Deco and 20th century industrial chic alongside early folk art, country, Arts & Crafts, textiles and a good dash of Georgian and Victorian furniture, it's a fair with colour supplement flair.
You know the kind of things I mean - the Sunday colour supplements are full of them.
Since its new stores are opening in locations where it already advertises, the money it would normally spend on promoting those outlets has been used to widen its advertising spread to include Channel 4, colour supplements and more national newspapers.
So before the World Cup colour supplements start dropping through your letterbox, should you need to get a feel of what it's all about, buy this book' you will keep it around for a lot longer than a wallchart.
Colour supplements and listings magazines - displacement activity to avoid engaging the brain and reading a proper book.
Page after page is devoted to horticulture in the style sections of weekend colour supplements.
Consumer PR activity targeting national and regional press, colour supplements and radio also complements the campaign.
All the colour supplements are busy telling us what up-to-the-minute holiday wear to go out and buy, and what exotic dishes to eat, and what wines to order to go with them.
30am, poured myself a large coffee and started catching up on six weeks' worth of colour supplements.
I also wondered whether he worked on the spot, imagining him with an easel and pile of old colour supplements in the narrow streets of St Ives and Positano.
FOR those who are young and with-it, the colour supplements were full of advice on what to wear during the Big Freeze.
Much as I enjoy spending wet Saturday afternoons re-reading the endless adventures of Mr Pinkwhistle it's always a treat to find yourself with some unscheduled time to tackle that mountain of ironing, pile of washing up or stash of colour supplements.
Colour supplements are currently awash with advice from fashion scribes called Plum on what to wear this winter.
The Walsall Art Gallery, that somewhat puzzling pounds 21 million architectural oddity, brought an avalanche of publicity in trendy lifestyle magazines and colour supplements for the Black Country town after it opened in 2000.