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(British) a magazine that is printed in color and circulated with a newspaper (especially on weekends)

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The colour supplement comes in four different colours so pick one that suits your skin tone and mix it with you favourite moisturiser on the back of your hand before applying as normal.
Liverpool off its knees' 8-page special SUPPLEMENT WINNERS COLDSET COLOUR SUPPLEMENT 2012 SNAP HAPPY OF LIVERPOOL MAYISSUE2013 We put photographer Mike McCartney in the frame MEMORY LANE LIVERPOOL'S GOT TALENT Cruising down the Manchester Ship Canal MDP d iMD Productions are fierce and fabulous BELLE OF THE BALL THURSDAY YOUR 32-PAGE BEST OF LIVERPOOL MAGAZINE LET THERE BE LIGHT
Aged 17, Michael was annoyed that a colour supplement article by Monigomery followed the traditional line that British inefficiency lost the Battle of Hastings and allowed the Norman Conquest.
Which UK newspaper published the first colour supplement in 1962?
A 12-page glossy colour supplement featuring luxury homes in ideal locations which you can read while sitting in your pokey living room, becoming lost for a moment in the fantasy that you too might aspire to such a lifestyle, before the dream is shattered by an obscenity shouted outside your front window by one of the feral urchins who have
There are a million good reasons why Scots should not support England and it would take a full colour supplement to list them all.
IT was a hat trick for The Mirror's brilliant Saturday magazine The Look when it was named colour Supplement of the Year for the third successive year at the 2001 Newspaper Awards.
With Scandinavian and French painted pieces, mid-century modern, Art Deco and 20th century industrial chic alongside early folk art, country, Arts & Crafts, textiles and a good dash of Georgian and Victorian furniture, it's a fair with colour supplement flair.
Mother's Day special Generation fashion game as mum picks her daughter's clothes TOMORROW real THURSDAY Your FREE 32-page Best of Liverpool magazine Follow our style guide and find out where to catch the race-day action Follow the Easter bunny'strail around the city in search of choctastic treats A GRAND DAY OUT 'sF ll th Easter bunny'sEGG-CITING EVENTS WINNERS COLDSET COLOUR SUPPLEMENT OF THE YEAR
For a full review of the 2005/06 Evening Gazette Sports Awards read our 24-page colour supplement, free inside tonight's paper.
This 12-page colour supplement, the first of a three-part series, deals with an amazing range of emotional, sexual and physical problems.
MORE honours were heaped on The Mirror in the 2000 Newspaper Awards - our brilliant Saturday magazine The Look was named Colour Supplement of the Year for the second year running.
COMICFACT THE first newspaper comic strip appeared in the Sunday colour supplement of The New York Journal in 1897.
Take your pick - obesity, alcoholdependency, high blood-pressure, diabetes and a plethora of cancers, including skin cancer through luxurious holidays in expensive sunny countries, a sybaritic lifestyle spent in colour supplement houses and top of the range cars.
TOMORROW Standing tall The Taliban nearly killed me - but they couldn''t take away my spirit WEDNESDAY Mother's Day special Generation fashion game as mum picks her daughter''s clothes real THURSDAY Your FREE 32-page Best of Liverpool magazine WINNERS COLDSET COLOUR SUPPLEMENT OF THE YEAR