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a planned combination of colors


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What we really needed advice on was the colour schemes, lighting and curtains in the lounge and dining room.
The couple decided to keep their original furniture but chose to update it with new coverings and accessories to further enhance the overall colour scheme rather than replace it, keeping expenditure low while still providing a contemporary look.
Natural-looking furniture such as oak dining tables and cream-based sofas are always a safe bet when used within a pastel colour scheme.
It's also easy to complement a pastel colour scheme by using pure white paint on your skirting boards, doors and ceilings.
Hempel shares tips on choosing the right colour schemes
Bathrooms which follow an all-white colour scheme can often end up looking stark and plain, so incorporating warm burgundies, deep browns and more muted hues of yellow and orange will give your bathroom a warm, luxurious feel.
One of the most important things to consider is the colour scheme.
Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), a Germany-based automaker, has launched four new colour schemes for its Golf R at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.
Her masterpiece, Colour Schemes for the Flower Garden, is still read today.
Using deep theming functionality, SavaJe OS can implement operator-specified applications and menus, as well as colour schemes, sounds, background images and icons that affect both built-in and downloaded applications.
SITTING ROOM COLOUR SCHEMES GREEN and lavender: This has a hazy romantic feel, and is a restful combination which complements subtle mixes of fabrics and paint colours.
The colour schemes for a traditional theme are golds, reds, greens and creams.
SELLERS are seeing red as a combined pounds 1billion is knocked off the nation's house prices every year by the wrong interior colour schemes, according to a survey.
Lotus has taken four of the classic colour schemes used on the company's sports cars in the 1960s - buyers will be offered a choice of Elite Yellow, Carbon Grey, Sky Blue or Old English White.
So subtle greens and reflective blues colour schemes are in, while the aggressive reds and blacks of the 1980s are out.