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a chart displaying colors

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If you have a particular flower or leaf colour that you like or a colour combination that works in your garden, why not share it with the rest of Huddersfield by writing to Graham's Colour Chart, Features Department, Huddersfield Daily Examiner, Pennine Business Park, Longbow Close, Bradley Road, Huddersfield, HD2 1GQ.
I'd spent the best part of a month agonising over colour charts to find a perfect shade for the front of my house.
They turned their back on traditional ways of mixing colours on a palette and instead chose to use ready-made hues of the kind found on paint colour charts.
COLOUR KEY: Black prestige cars like this Audi hold their values better because of the colour, which ousted silver from top spot in the colour charts
Julia Gray offers her top tips on choosing paint tester pots CHOOSING a paint colour may seem straightforward, but printed colour charts can't be relied on to be accurate, so it's vital to buy tester pots, even though they may seem like an unnecessary expense.
Priced at 12 pounds each, the tube comes with a colour chart so men can work out how randy their partner is feeling.
Paints using natural pigments can vary in colour quite considerably from batch to batch, so if you're not going to buy tester pots, make sure all your paint is from the same batch and check that it matches the colour chart before you use it.
For more inspiration and information on spray-painting, including the super colour chart of 60 different colours and finishes, see www.
As is well known by soil scientists, in most cases an exact visual match between a soil sample and one of the chips provided by a colour chart is not possible.
Q"Shakira - a seven on David Dickinson's colour chart.
The cheeky TV Times report links each celeb to a colour chart straight from a paint catalogue to get their true shade of orange.
lA superb Prix de Diane for Henry Cecil as Rafha (Willie Carson) and Moon Cactus (Steve Cauthen) end up first and second, though Moon Cactus is moved up to that place only after Colour Chart (Andr Fabre/Cash Asmussen) is demoted from runner-up to fourth, and her jockey gets a four-day ban to add to the brace he received at Epsom yesterday.
The second Art on the Waterfront celebration has been inspired by the gallery's ongoing Colour Chart exhibition, with the Tate playing host to a series of striking and thought-provoking light, colour and sound themed events.
Also inspired by the Colour Chart exhibition, Tate Liverpool presents Paint It In, a series of free summer painting workshops for families taking place from July 25 to August 31.
IT'S never enough to simply decide that you are going to change the look of your home by slapping on a new coat of paint chosen by a quick glance at a DIY store's colour chart.