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One of the Moorfields researchers and an ophthalmologist, Dr Imran Ansari, comments: "There are different forms of colour blindness which may have a variety of long-term lifestyle implications as there is no cure.
Non-inherited causes of colour blindness include certain eye conditions, such as macular degeneration.
Bob was accepted to the art school and says during his first year as a student he learned how to overcome his colour blindness.
Colour blindness can be stationary or progressive in nature and can be linked to other eye conditions such as age related macular degeneration.
The glasses only work for red-green colour blindness.
Ophthalmic molecular geneticist, Prof William Hauswirth, said: "Although colour blindness is only moderately lifealtering, we've shown we can cure a cone disease in a primate, and that it can be done very safely.
Ophthalmic molecular geneticist Professor William Hauswirth said: "Although colour blindness is only moderately life-altering, we've shown we can safely cure a cone disease in a primate.
ELTON JOHN'S sneaky attempt to pass himself off as a Twister mat at the party by standing still and sucking his stomach in was foiled by his colour blindness.
It's basically a half-hour programme about colour blindness and, with emails to the usual address (tam.
A test conducted by an eye hospital in Dubai to verify the link between diabetes and colour blindness came up with a surprising result.
The 19-year-old had wanted to be a soldier but was denied entry to the Army because he suffered from colour blindness.
GARISH Ian Poulter suffered temporary colour blindness in his bright mustard trousers yesterday when he mixed up his yardage markers to the 16th hole.
The Swansea second row suffered from a form of colour blindness last season.
THERE are three main versions of colour blindness - red-green, blue-yellow and total colour blindness.
YES, colour blindness is inherited and is said to be sex linked.