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barrier preventing blacks from participating in various activities with whites

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The Colour Bar lasted from 1911-1947 and meant that non-white boxers were not allowed to contest British titles.
Lisa Shepherd | The Colour Bar concept makes colour quick and affordable for people who are either making their first move into colour or those wanting to cover up root regrowth until their next full appointment.
He had started work for the then British Railways in 1956 as a porter, working his way up to rail guard at Marylebone station, where there was no colour bar.
Now, you can stroll into high street stores and find CDs of music from every continent, many of them bearing the Real World colour bar logo.
A union between Akzo Nobel's consumer paint brand Crown Paints and Noble House Pub Company, a Berkshire-headquartered pub and restaurant operator, The Colour Bar is a place where weekend shoppers and evening pub-goers can go to enjoy a drink or meal in brightly-colored surroundings, and, if they make an appointment, obtain home decoration advice from a Crown color consultant.
6 mm) colour bar to accommodate the smaller cut-off format of new publication web presses.
AN ARTICLE in the Mail referred to an unofficial colour bar towards, among others, clerical workers.
1 think the real reason they don't want us in the new club is because of the colour bar.