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Dave Rutherford: "I can remember the guy bringing our new colour TV set, I was so excited
Lisa Wallace, 36, of The Crescent, Hartlepool, fined pounds 350 with pounds 65 costs for using a colour TV without a licence.
Steven Ward, 47, of Sydney Close, Middlesbrough, fined pounds 350 with pounds 75 costs for using a colour TV without a licence.
Colour TV may play an important role in that, people in Japan younger than 20 in 1993 and 36 at 2009 have watched colour TV since birth," the study said.
However, it argued the explosion in popularity of colour TVs could not solely explain the phenomenon.
Scottish inventor John Logie Baird, who is credited as the first man to televise pictures of objects in motion, demonstrated colour TV in 1928.
I was also the first actor to be killed by a colour TV set on colour TV in Z Cars when a robbery went wrong and the TV set was dropped on me from a great height by Nicholas Jones.
Colour TV was first demonstrated way back in 1928 by John Logie Baird, the inventor of television.
At present, LCD TV accounts for about 37% of the small and medium size colour TV market, which is a growth of 3 times compared to same period of last year; for 28 to 32-inch medium-size TVs, LCD TV accounts for more than 60%.
While colour TV sets in 1967 cost around PS250 - not dissimilar to today's telly prices - the 22-inch screen and box cabinet style was light years away from the technology we have grown accustomed to today.
Paula Corbett, 42, of Ridlington Way, Hartlepool, fined pounds 125 with pounds 75 costs for using a colour TV without a licence.
The free colour TV scheme was one of the highlights of the DMK manifesto for the 2006 assembly elections, which the party won.
Katie Angioy, 27, of Crescent Road, Middlesbrough, fined pounds 175 with pounds 75 costs for using a colour TV without a licence.
LGESG already manufactures picture tubes ranging in sizes from 21- to 34-inches for colour TVs.