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a surgical operation that creates an opening from the colon to the surface of the body to function as an anus

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The enteral stent allows physicians to palliate both duodenal and colonic obstructions and allows patients to avoid a temporary colostomy when surgery is indicated.
My doctor says I'll need a permanent colostomy bag afterwards, but I'll get special training in how to look after it.
We had to perform a threehour colostomy to provide an alternate opening for her to pass stool.
I felt forced to show him that underneath my jumper was my colostomy bag, and I told him that he had discriminated against me, he denied this.
I can only walk slowly and I've got a walking stick, but my free hand does tend to hold my colostomy bag - it's a self conscious thing.
Now, six years on from her original procedure, the colostomy is being reversed on Friday, the woman said.
A distraught pensioner says she'll never use public transport again after being kicked off a bus when her colostomy bag began to leak Disgusting behaviour from the bus company and passengers
In 2009, aged 42, he was diagnosed with bowel cancer and underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, as well as having a colostomy.
Her mother, Sheerain Khan, told Gulf News that Safa has not gained enough weight to undergo her tenth and last surgery to remove the colostomy.
This young talented makeup artist has posted her photo showing off the colostomy bag, which went soon viral over the Internet.
com)-- This summer AdvaCare is pleased to introduce 2 new additions to its extensive range of medical supplies: Female Sanitary Pads (Sanitary Napkins) and Colostomy Bags (Ostomy Bags).
Traditionally, treatment of anastomotic leak after LAR involved resection of the anastomosis with end colostomy or suturing of the anastomosis with proximal diversion.
Patients with carcinoma of the anal canal may be treated with combination of radiation and chemotherapy to avoid the need for surgical resection of the anus and a permanent colostomy.
Findings from an international Phase 3 clinical trial of the Vitala™ Continence Control Device (CCD) showed the device was safe and effective at restoring continence when worn up to 12 hours per day by people with a colostomy.
She also presented on colostomy irrigation, an often an under-utilised option for managing a permanent colostomy.