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Synonyms for colossus

someone or something that is abnormally large and powerful

a person of exceptional importance and reputation

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Wouldst thou make a Colossus of me, that thou askest me
It is many years now since this colossus of crime suddenly ceased keeping the world in a turmoil; and when he ceased, as they said after the death of Roland, there was a great quiet upon the earth.
The colossus of crime leaned over to the little rustic priest with a sort of sudden interest.
It had come upon her suddenly that she was very tired and very small and very weak alongside this colossus of a man.
So modest was Mr Merdle withal, in the midst of these splendid achievements, that he looked far more like a man in possession of his house under a distraint, than a commercial Colossus bestriding his own hearthrug, while the little ships were sailing into dinner.
In the friendliest manner he is making himself quite at home with his back to the fire, executing a statuette of the Colossus at Rhodes.
com)-- Illinois author, Ranjini Iyer is pleased to announce the release of her new suspenseful mystery, "The Colossus.
A 20st thrill-seeker was shamed into slimming after finding she was too fat for a roller coaster called Colossus.
The stamps depict photographs and computer-generated interpretations of the Colossus computer, World Wide Web, Catseyes, Fibre Optics, Stainless Steel, Carbon Fibre, DNA Sequencing and the i-limb.
Each Colossus caster was designed with a spring-loaded suspension system to absorb shock.
COLOSSUSBETS is the home of the PS10million Pick 7 Colossus and the biggest football and sports jackpots.
IAN Paisley has been lauded as a colossus of unionism after he died aged 88.
LIVERPOOL boss Brendan Rodgers has saluted the contribution of defender Martin Skrtel to the club's title challenge as he insisted: "He's been a colossus.
Instead all she did was feed the tape into Colossus and adjust the machine.
From director Mark Hendrickson comes a captivating hybrid of fiction and documentary called COLOSSUS.