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Bacon transforms classic foods into colossally awesome ones .
The task faced by Southern Sudan's new regime is colossally daunting.
At the same time, he started to produce the first of his fantasies: impossible conjunctions of architectural forms of staggering scale, which colossally loomed over a few lonely humans.
The end result, as is openly admitted by various financial institutions today, is a Palestinian economy which is colossally dependant on Israel to simply stay afloat.
Located at the Dubai Mall, named under the shadow of the Burj Dubai (in the Downtown Dubai area), it got its name after a competition across the emirate that only proved what a colossally unimaginative bunch we are.
The announcement sanctioning a new State has backfired colossally for the Centre.
The only small hope that we can have is that all the experts who were so colossally wrong about 2008 are just as wrong about this year and maybe it won't be as bad as everyone thinks.
A futuristic car crash, and "a colossally unlikely confluence of events," and the beautiful, popular Lia finds herself downloaded.
This time, though, his flirtation with danger finally caught up to the Dodgers (58-58), who will have to wait at least one more day to overtake colossally slumping Arizona.
Both men are today so embarrassed at having joined, with open eyes, such a colossally inept national security team--Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Gonzalez, Bolton, Addington, the list seems almost endless--that they could never bring themselves to describe their personal and professional experiences.
Desire (1981) likewise dominated the space, its colossally sized wheel daring to think that bigger is indeed better--and successively pulling it off.
The Dubai World Trade Centre was being built at the time and looked colossally big," says Dorsey, now 46, who studied at the Dubai Petroleum Company American Community School.
When quarterback Rick Dockery ends his NFL career with one colossally disastrous game, his agent scores him a deal with the only league that wants him.
Debra Humphreys of the Association of American Colleges and Universities calls high school majors "a colossally bad idea," saying students should develop a broad range of skills.
Dear Mr Field, I hope you are colossally rich, so that the cost of coming all the way to this misery of Plymouth (the last or first town of England, according to your hemisphere) will mean nothing to you.