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In colorizing the 'I Love Lucys,' there's an effort to kind of re-create this bright, brilliant, tail-finned polychrome world of the 1950s which existed in part but is kind of romanticized in memory,'' says Regina Lee Blaszczyk, author of "The Color Revolution,'' a look at how color was marketed to Americans in the 19th and 20th centuries.
The studio specializes in restoring and colorizing classic films for DVD, HDTV and theatrical release as well as performing color effects work for major studios and film makers.
Project Need: Currently, the sewer cleaning and manhole inspection efforts are tracked via a cumbersome manual process of paper notation and hand colorizing of printed maps.
The savings were astonishing; when it came to colorizing online we cut our budgeted time by half," said Johnson.
From the most basic tools of the program and how they can manipulate photos and effectively edit images to more advanced, creative explorations of blending, enhancing and colorizing images, this has been updated for the latest Photoshop CS2 and covers all the new features of a program which has come to be regarded as the industry standard in computer photo editing.
The result is a clever, fizzy book that engages our attention the same way a Warhol painting of Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor does: It masquerades as a copy of real life while colorizing reality and winking at its impersonation.
Komodo's Ruby code colorizing, folding, automatic end statements, and smart indenting keep Ruby programmers of all abilities on track for writing bug-free programs the first time.
Keith Weiner and Erik Lorenzen founded DiamondWare in 1994, and since then the team has been focusing on extending the applications which leverage the patent-pending audio and other technologies which include: presence based around 3D virtual positioning, voice colorizing, multi-conferencing and Wi-Fi mobility.
The full color portraits of Elvis are accomplished through a revolutionary new colorizing technique pioneered by the Morgan Mint.
In 1986, concerned with growing practice of colorizing black-and-white films, Cates appointed a Special Advisory Committee to study the trend and recommend action that the DGA might take.
Legend Films, a studio specializing in restoring and colorizing classic films, today announced it has secured $1 million in Series B financing, led by Boston-based investment fund, PAR Capital Management, Inc.
Our agreement with Dynacs will substantially reduce the costs associated with colorizing black and white products in order to meet the growing need for programming," Shapiro added.
For their work on Band of Brothers, Cinesite also received an RTS nomination (in the category of Design and Craft Innovation) for digitally mastering and colorizing all 10 episodes of the series, giving it the distinctive, de-saturated look reminiscent of original WWII footage.
CST most recently garnered notice for colorizing scenes in Woody Allen's recent film, "Bullets Over Broadway.
AFT quickly became the leader in colorizing black & white films.