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The film is available for the first time in two versions, a restored black and white and colorized version, and is presented in its original aspect ratio (1.
Sandrew was the original founder of AFT (1986), creator of its patented colorization technology, and instrumental in building the Company to its position as the leading colorizer of classic black and white feature films and television programming responsible for over 70 percent of all colorized film product worldwide.
Be forewarned that this is the colorized version and will be repeated at 12:30 a.
The new TwinVision(R) Chromatic Series offers the best of both worlds -- incorporating colorized route capabilities while retaining electronic sign system message display advantages for the color vision impaired.
For home video, the old shows have been digitally enhanced and colorized.
Shapiro also emphasized a substantial increase in the delivery of colorized products for the international market.
Within seconds, a powerful, illustrated and colorized interactive Pocketgram(TM) catalog containing Dodge vehicle specifications, Dodge concept cars, the NASCAR racing schedule, standings and winnings, as well as a detailed auto show event floormap -- amazingly in under 75k -- is beamed via infrared into any Palm OS device, including the Handspring Visor (Nasdaq:HAND), Palm Computing handheld (Nasdaq:PALM), IBM WorkPad (NYSE:IBM) and Sony Clie (NYSE:SNE).
In this shrunk and reconfigured pretend New York, the Brooklyn Bridge leads almost to Grand Central Terminal, while the likes of the Chrysler Building, the Seagram Building and the CBS Building, vividly colorized, all rub skyscraper shoulders.
The new system enables dentists and staff to easily access information about their practices including digital X-rays, stored intra- oral camera images, periodontal charts, colorized treatment plans, appointment books, insurance information and business reports.
Turner Networks was a primary client, airing most of the AFT colorized films.
MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has revealed the first colorized photos of the hazy sky enveloping the planet Pluto, along with bright red water ice patches.
With their new adhesive technology and direct to consumer marketing approach runners, cyclists, children and outdoor enthusiasts will now be able to add colorized reflective directly to virtually any garment or accessory making it easier than ever to be visible when walking or exercising during low light hours.
Contract notice: Buying colorized funkstreifenwagen and semigroup car.
The full-page pictures inside hold the same look of the artist's black-banded approach, which proffers a stained glass appearance upon such diverse subjects as Snoopy, various faces, cartoons, and colorized, enhanced classic photos of major people from Einstein to Warhol.
Panorama foregoes glitzy color in favor of largely black and white, colorized, and sepia images which succeed in capturing the photography, artwork, and feel of the event.