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SAN DIEGO -- Legend3D, the leading innovator in 2D-to-3D conversion technology and the inventor of digital colorization, today announced that it has colorized and converted to 3D a four-minute clip from Safety Last , one of the most famous silent film scenes in history, starring Harold Lloyd, in which Lloyd dangles several stories high from a giant clock.
The problem with colorization is that black-and-white films are lit differently during filming, and the colorization only served to illustrate that, usually in an annoying fashion.
In the Digital Sampling department, students were shown Widen's involvement and responsibilities to clients like Reebok, and learned about workflow from initial capture to neutralization and team-specific colorization and graphic application.
The AstoundSound process for 3D audio creates the accurate perception of elevation and depth without causing any phase or tone colorization issues.
The process of converting existing 2D feature films and television episodes into 3D content is a logical extension of Legend Film's ground-breaking digital colorization process," said founder Barry Sandrew.
Colorization, along with Validity's other customization options, which include flexible form factors and smaller footprints, provides maximum flexibility for OEM product integration.
Weight loss/gain -- Skin tanning and colorization -- Color cosmetics -- Anti-aging and cosmetic surgery -- Hair color/style change
3 include XML colorization in execution results, properties view, schema properties and preferences configurable via menu options.
This colorization system virtually eliminates lead times from custom-color orders by allowing users to color in the field.
Revived from Fox Home Entertainment's vault, the DVD collection incorporates state-of-the-art colorization technology offering fans a chance to see Shirley's golden hair and rosy cheeks.
On location at Sonalysts Studios in Waterford Connecticut, the MDLT gave the production team access to a complete digital "pre-post" pipeline; allowing the production team to establish a new pre-post colorization model.
New Multimedia pages with internal /external 360-degree surround video and zoom control, custom colorization tools, model trim selection and unique zoom-in slideshows.
The colorization of the grid cell for a specified program within Zap2it's recently redesigned TV listings grids serves to grab the attention of users who are deciding what to watch.
a company renowned for its innovation and artistry, is the leader in restoration and colorization of classic films.
Their creative ability and technology have brought colorization to a whole new level.