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a painter able to achieve special effects with color

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Edgeworth's coloristic practice and her choice of botanical subjects are, then, anything but commonplace.
Another interesting coloristic difference here derives from the arpeggiated chords on the third beat of m.
Perhaps the most coloristic components of language reside in consonants, which, in the pedagogy of singing, regrettably are regarded as the ugly stepsisters of vowels--seen as roadblocks that interrupt the golden tone rather than signposts that illuminate its glory.
One of her wings hangs loosely, she squats; her chicks are beneath her, except for a few who've escaped or are about to escape; she's painted with great vigor and coloristic truth, and her chicks very softly: their down, their innocence, the giddiness of the newly hatched are here.
Reva's work, instead, demonstrated that shaped work could issue from Abstract Expressionism, by mining, amplifying, and extending its gestural and coloristic power, drama and heft.
This complex interplay of color, both actual and reflected, results in a push and pull that is not simply a coloristic effect given to vision alone, but one that is felt even more emphatically at a physical level, inciting the viewer to move.
Though there are often many small compositions on a program, these pieces are held together by an easily understood common thread and are made even more interesting by the varying coloristic palette that different combinations of instruments and voice allow.
Rather, the more coloristic passages of natural writing flow seamlessly into his readings of literary texts and material history, echoing Wordsworth's claim that our two great spiritual teachers are books and nature.
Tom's feats at the keyboard proved extraordinary: he could reproduce any composition performed for him; he could play separate pieces simultaneously with each hand--then face away from the keyboard and repeat them with opposite hands; he composed both imitations of classical works and original coloristic impressions of modern life, including his famous evocation of the "Battle of Manassas" Arguably, be suffered flora a mental impairment that prevented him from living independently, and he was the object of two notorious court battles involving his "custody" Cather likely heard Blind Tom perform in Lincoln, when she was an undergraduate at the university.
Steichen achieved coloristic effects reminiscent of Whistler's "Nocturne" paintings by brushing layers of pigment suspended in light-sensitive gum solution onto a platinum photograph.
But the excitement that attended the premiere of A Life was not completely unwarranted; and what remains most important about the work was not an innovative use of musical markers of Russianness but rather their consistent use as the basis for an opera (rather than simply as coloristic elements).
The existing today's situation of coloristic chaos can be corrected, having studied historical and modern features of the color environment of Smolensk after having created a technique of fixing city color features.
An introduction to the visual culture of Venice, including the influence of Byzantine art, the coloristic bravura of Venetian Renaissance and Baroque painters, and the development of the Venetian vedutista, or view painters.
In his landscape painting, the novel configuration of the terrain, as well as ifs unusual chromaticism, assert themselves and impose new coloristic choices.