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a painter able to achieve special effects with color

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For the singer to maintain clear diction without resorting to overt rubato or other rhythmic aberration, a great deal of dynamic and coloristic flexibility is required, especially with regard to stressed and unstressed syllables in artificially sustained phrases.
The compositional application of coloristics and light and shadow under the impact of insolation and visual accents created by the play of lights/shadows should underline the altarpiece in the church space creating the necessary balance and arranging priorities in the right order.
Rather, the more coloristic passages of natural writing flow seamlessly into his readings of literary texts and material history, echoing Wordsworth's claim that our two great spiritual teachers are books and nature.
Steichen achieved coloristic effects reminiscent of Whistler's "Nocturne" paintings by brushing layers of pigment suspended in light-sensitive gum solution onto a platinum photograph.
An introduction to the visual culture of Venice, including the influence of Byzantine art, the coloristic bravura of Venetian Renaissance and Baroque painters, and the development of the Venetian vedutista, or view painters.
In his landscape painting, the novel configuration of the terrain, as well as ifs unusual chromaticism, assert themselves and impose new coloristic choices.
Besides, it has always struck me that what's interesting about that sonnet is not its arbitrary attribution of color to vowels (an attribution so subjective as to have no force outside the poem), but instead, the intricate play of consonant sounds as they interact with an a-e-i-o-u spectrum--one that may or may not register as a coloristic palette capable of engaging the reader's visual ear.
This indicates that surface treatment and HALS basicity do not significantly influence the coloristic properties during exposure in the WB system.
While it may sometimes be absolutely necessary to pass along higher costs, ultimately we try offsetting cost increases by improving properties or coloristic values," Mr.
If anything, the rich decor of the museum reveals Schiele's lack of coloristic know-how.
Color control is thus said to be maintained once the specific Polytrend 7 Series liquid color for the desired end use application and coloristic properties has been selected or custom developed.
and some of the coloristic effects that we know and appreciate from `A Midsummer Night's Dream' and the large-scale chamber works are already audible here .
In some of Leonardo's other paintings he experimented with atmospheric or aerial perspective, a coloristic device giving the impression of realistic depth in the portrayal of landscapes.
Newman explains it this way: The ``spatial coloristic things'' that he composes are ``not overly demanding to an ear, particularly when an ear is listening to dialogue and the eyes are watching the screen.
Liszt and Rachmaninoff's own techniques are based on Chopin's but where Chopin always clung to a pure pianism, the formers exploited the coloristic and orchestral possibilities of the piano.