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a painter able to achieve special effects with color

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Sound editors can even start mixing a reel while the colorist is grading another scene.
Providing just enough for one application to the part and hairline, Root Fusion is a single-use kit that includes one set of gloves, an easy-to-follow instruction sheet, the low-ammonia Professional Root Retouch color prescribed by the colorist, developer, one professional grade brush and a mixing bowl.
Klein--who specializes in perfecting TV pictures--moved from Technicolor's Sunset Gower facility to the Warner Bros, lot along with fellow colorists Daniel Yang and Jesus Borrego, and assistant colorist Ara Thomassian.
Main features: the consultation regarding the technical assistance mission as a colorist advice from the City of Villeurbanne and petitioners Villeurbanne in the statement of requirements colors for the facades of buildings, and the mission of project management assistance in monitoring the exterior surfaces of the plan implemented by the City of Villeurbanne along several major roads.
Whether in the hair color aisle or elsewhere, all app users are directed to answer key questions that any top hair colorist would pose.
2000, Textile Chemist and Colorist and American Dyestuff Reporter, vol.
Aspland, "Practical application of reactive dyes," Textile Chemist and Colorist, vol.
Co-author David Gross is a film colorist and editor at Fox Studios in Australia.
95) series, a science fiction thriller featuring the talents of author Tony Bedard, penciler Paul Pelletier, colorist James Rochelle, letterer Troy Peteri, and several other contributors.
The elaborate and highly collaborative process involved a writer, a penciler, an inker, a colorist and an editor, the show's organizers say.
Rita Hazan, hair colorist to the stars, has moved her salon to 720 Fifth Avenue and will now offer services from brow guru Ramy.
Hair care experts say that with an initial consultation with a professional colorist, combined with continued at-home maintenance, Sisters can have the best of both worlds radiant color and healthy hair.
Any knowledgeable colorist is well aware of its psychological properties.
When artist/designer Royce Meyerott and his partner Lee Bryant, a fauxpainter and colorist, first saw the 1 1/2-story 1870s cottage, it was dilapidated but charming.
She is characterized as a local colorist (a writer who describes the features and peculiarities of a particular region and its inhabitants).