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a painter able to achieve special effects with color

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77 of the Public Contracts Code) for a consulting assistance mission in architecture, urban planning, urban and landscape design of public spaces and colorist.
release of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, digital colorist Peter Doyle visits Los Angeles for one-on-one interviews to discuss filmmaking, digital cinema, color design and his work on blockbuster films by Hollywood's leading directors.
These uniquely configured systems provide colorists with professional level performance at a fraction of the cost of da Vinci, Discreet Lustre and Pogol systems.
Now, during shooting, the director of photography can provide the director or producers with an immediate visual demonstration of his or her creative intent and preserve those decisions for subsequent implementation by the colorist.
Designed by hair colorist, Lorenzo Caruso, this new weaving technique allows body heat to deliver natural looking results through the use of color-coded software and a customized cap called CompurCap.
When artist/designer Royce Meyerott and his partner Lee Bryant, a fauxpainter and colorist, first saw the 1 1/2-story 1870s cottage, it was dilapidated but charming.
C, Susan Daitch established herself among the more gifted novelists of her generation, and in The Colorist - actually an elaboration of a novella that preceded L.
Nationally recognized colorist brings impeccable talent, integrity and class to integrated production powerhouse
BluSand Beauty Creative Artist and famed Japanese colorist, Hitomi Ikeda has used The Sprush to create a new international hair coloring sensation that she has coined Foilyage.
An example is a colorist could be color grading or tracking windows while another colorist fine tunes grades that are all immediately updated as the editor edits.
Working in the classical tradition, Van Doren's distinctive drawings are drawn from twenty years of his career and document him as an accomplished colorist with a particular affinity for architectural elements such as domes, corbels, caryatids, bays, oriels, cornices, medallions, entablatures, pediments, and other aspects of architectural distinction, shape and texture.
Blur's owner, Farshid Javaheri, just happens to be married to Hollywood's hottest hair colorist, Negin Zand, who works at Sally Hershberger's celeb-strewn salon on Melrose Place.
ICI paint and other products were recommended by the building owner's architect, Shah Kawasaki, and Pacific Northwest Painters president and in-house architectural colorist Cornelia Grunseth.
Paradoxically, Calame's brilliance as a colorist may be most forcefully manifest in two monochrome works, a pair of excerpts from a much larger project she's described as a painting "too big to be seen"--two spaces whose walls were almost entirely covered by twelve-foot-high Mylar sheets painted with her usual stain shapes but in lime green only.