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a picture book with line drawings intended to be colored with crayons by children

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Alejandra) wanted to get a coloring book from inside the car,'' Mendoza said.
The surprise ending reveals that the journey is based on the free and uninhibited scribbles the author's son did all over a coloring book.
He may even alter (some might say desecrate) our icons at his discretion as in the recent coloring book painting of Malcolm X with rouge or Isaac Hayes with Crayola flesh-tone skin and a yellow beard.
And just what kind of coloring book could cause a national controversy?
Now Metro has designed and published his first coloring book,Coloring with Metro, with all the drawings designed by Metro and his artist/owner, Ron Krajewski.
com)-- The hobby of coloring, by adults, is a phenomenon that has exploded in the last six months, with coloring books reaching best seller status on Amazon, and Facebook coloring groups growing daily.
Ladies' Shoes To Color is a simple coloring book featuring bold line drawings of 30 pairs of women's shoes.
para]]This press release is to announce to readers that the Easy Joy Coloring Book was Recently Released and is Designed for All Ages[[/para]]
The Asperkid's Not-Your-Average-Coloring-Book" is described as a unique coloring book created "For Aspies By Aspies.
She has created "The Little Black Book for Blue People" as a reusable coloring book for all ages and is specifically designed for the therapeutic use by children and adults who are 'feeling down'.
Coloring book offerings will range from 24 to 320 pages with an SRP of 99 cents to $4.
I think this is because the polarity of cliched pretention and down-homeyness is only one of the image's frictions; there is also the endearing stupidity of the gesture described, and, most of all, the tenderness of the work's realization, its sweet and delicate color--it is a drawing in crayon and ink-evoking a page from the loveliest coloring book you ever had, if only you could color.
Each youngster who attends will be given a story coloring book to keep for their own and will come away with an understanding of the world that reading opens to them," said Gina D.
After the success of "Colorful Seattle -- Explore & Color" book, the next coloring book and travel guide takes kids and adults to Japan.
The Beginner's Bible: Super-Duper Mighty Jumbo Coloring Book" is a coloring book filled with many Biblical scenes all throughout, to help children become more clear with the scenes in the Bible.