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quantitative chemical analysis by color using a colorimeter

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As previously discussed, the methodologies of colorimetry and HPLC-IR at the extraction ratio of 3:20 presented problems in the determination of the [P.
Light stimuli measured to be identical according to CIE photometry and colorimetry do not appear equally bright or the same color to either younger or older subjects.
The extent as well as the direction of discoloration for both unstabilized and stabilized PVC sheets is quantified by colorimetry.
The common way while determining or inspecting the reproduction process is to define some points (as densities, coverages or colorimetry values).
From the reflective spectra, saturations of colors caused by the two systems can be obtained by the CIE colorimetry method.
Figure 4 shows the calibration curve of formaldehyde, measured with a spectrophotometer using colorimetry.
The Bangalore Center, along with facilities in Troy, MI and Sassenheim, the Netherlands, is involved in a range of activities related to car refinishes product development and maintenance for international markets, management and innovation in color and colorimetry plus color formula development.
Skin color was measured by reflectance colorimetry.
For further information about overlays, colorimetry or finding an optometrist with a colorimeter, phone the Colour and Visual Centre Sensitivity Forum Information Line at the University of Essex: 01206 872130 or visit www.
Further discussions focus on such topics as theories of color vision, colorimetry, and the CIE systems for measuring color, color standards, pigments and color mixtures, batch correction, and tinting strength.
The culturing of these fungi is a technique readily taught to students and results, measured with portable colorimetry, allow for hands-on learning in bioremediation.
Measurements of spectral irradiance, spectral responsivity or spectral reflectance are often made for a limited set of wavelengths and then used to calculate weighted spectral sums for photometry, colorimetry or filter radiometry.
They used tests such as colorimetry, electrophoresis, and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to measure protein in the insect eggs.
Harris DL: Photometry and Colorimetry of Planets and Satellites in: Planets and Satellites, Vol.