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of or relating to colorimetry


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The self-emulsification experimental procedures were as follows: 15ml of a specified concentration of surfactant solution and 15ml of dehydrated crude oil were put into two colorimetrical cylinders, and then one colorimetrical cylinder was put under low frequency vibration(the vibration frequency was 18 Hz and the acceleration was 0.
Soil TN was determined after an acid digestion by a semi-micro-Kjeldahl method followed by a colorimetrical analysis (Bremmer & Mulvaney 1982).
Calcium was defined by method of flame photometry (Pokrovskiy, 1969); inorganic phosphorus--by colorimetrical method (Pokrovskiy, 1969); magnesium--by complexometric method; urine PH index, buffer base shift [BE], standard buffer system [SB], and ammonia in urine were defined using Conway method (Pokrovskiy, 1969); acid-base titration and pH were defined by potentiometric titration (Toderov, 1966), content of urine acid--by spectrophotometer (Menshikov, 1987), urine oxalate (Sivarinovskiy, 1969).
PCS is standard colorimetrical space CIEXYZ or CIELAB.