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of or relating to colorimetry

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A colorimetric working group from the Army technology objective team had considered three different approaches to a colorimetric capability.
colorimetric attributes, specular gloss, and distinctness of image as well as the orange peel.
Owing to their portability, compact size and ease of use, colorimetric tests are widely used for medical monitoring, drug testing and environmental analysis.
The new app, Colorimetrix, makes accurate reading of colorimetric tests much easier, using nothing more than a mobile phone.
Hyperphosphatemia can occur in renal failure, diabetes, endocrinopathies, hypoparathyroidism, increased dietary/pharmacologic intake of phosphates or vitamin D, and immunoproliferative diseases such as multiple myeloma, in which paraproteins interfere with the colorimetric method (1, 2).
Significant assortative mating based on colorimetric phenotype occurred on the colony, but a low number of L.
6 ppb were detectable using colorimetric and resonance scattering assays.
Objective: Aim of our study was to compare serum calcium estimation by using direct colorimetric and volume / volume colorimeteric (v/v) methods based on o-Cresolphtalein principle.
Synthetic silver nanoparticles were used in the research as the colorimetric sensor in order to measure low concentrations of cyanide ion in aqueous environments," Salahoddin Hajizadeh, MSc in analytical chemistry from Urmia University, told the INIC.
The Tankyrase 1 Colorimetric Activity Assay is ideal for the screening of Tankyrase 1 inhibitors and deter mining TC50 values.
Other topics include nanomechanical cantilever sensors, protein thin films, FRET-based nanosensors for intracellular glucose monitoring, noble metal nanoparticles as colorimetric probes, and optical capillary sensors for analyzing biofuels and milk.
Built on ABB's new analytical instrument platform, the ABB Aztec 600 aluminium, iron, manganese, phosphate and ammonia colorimetric monitors offer enhanced accuracy with simple operation and maintenance.
The larger sphere better integrates light for more reliable testing of a device's photometric and colorimetric performance with measurements of Total Spectral Flux, Luminous Flux, Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Chromaticity.
It is now possible to make colorimetric measurement almost without any knowledge of the field whatsoever.
These include observing for cough and choking, auscultation of air insufflated through the tube, aspiration of fluid, visual inspection of the aspirates, testing of aspirates for pH or concentrations of bilirubin, pepsin or trypsin, observing for bubbling when the tip of the tube is held under water, testing the ability to speak, the use of magnetic detection, spring gauge pressure manometer, capnography, colorimetric capnometry or radiography.