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a measuring instrument used in colorimetric analysis to determine the quantity of a substance from the color it yields with specific reagents

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My advice to anyone who recognises Alex's symptoms in their own eyesight is to book an Intuitive Colorimeter assessment.
This new imaging photometer and colorimeter has been designed for the highest accuracy when analyzing the characteristics of displays, electronic panel graphics and control panels used in a variety of industries including automotive and aerospace.
Independent optometrist Graham Wingate was eager to share his experiences using a colorimeter, including that of a mother who cried with joy at the improvement PTLs gave her son.
The colorimeter is ideal for routine comparisons of similar colours and the spectrophotometer is ideal for colour formulation and the measurement of Metamerism, and would be typically found in the research and development and quality control laboratory.
The Gamma Scientific booth (#637) will feature a new Display Reflectance Spectrophotometer for testing thin film optical coatings on displays, as well as display spectroradiometers and colorimeters with industry leading color accuracy and reliability.
About SpectraCal: SpectraCal provides everything needed for ensuring image fidelity in video:the award-winning software CalMAN, a wide range of colorimeters and spectrophotometers for accurate color measurement, the best available test pattern sources, and a comprehensive education program.
The researchers used the colorimeter to illuminate text with coloured light, manipulating hue and saturation at constant luminance.
The colorimeter, which is the core of the Spyder2PRO V2.
This research has been around for 15 years, the Colorimeter was designed 11 years ago.
The image analysis method was time-consuming, difficult to obtain data from, and showed a worse correlation to the sensory results than the colorimeter approach.
The new kits feature the AQUAfast AQ4000 colorimeter and Thereto Orion portable meters, electrodes, and reagents for testing water samples.
The chlorophyll content of various dried leaf samples was monitored as the--a value(greenness) on a colorimeter.
Population was determined with a colorimeter by determining the percentage of light that passed through a given sample.
To run this test, take a standard colorimeter and run a starch calibration curve with different starch concentrations using a potassium iodide solution as the color indicator.
Weight percent of lead was determined by an EPA developed field-test method using a Hach colorimeter and by ICP analysis.