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Synonyms for colourful

Synonyms for colourful

striking in variety and interest

having striking color


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3) It is possible for normal reflecting objects to appear as if they were fluorescent because their colorfulness and brightness is greatly impacted by the spectral energy distribution of the illumination.
The film's excessive emphasis on the colorfulness of the set functions beyond the necessity of plot structuring and historical accuracy; it provides for a modernist challenge to classical realist cinematic tradition which heavily relies on the dominance of the plot which subordinates all other stylistic elements including the mise-en-scene.
Species differences in parasite prevalence were not due to difference in sex, age, adult body mass, incubation period, breeding habitat, or plumage colorfulness.
colorfulness of local speech, poetic expressiveness, musicality, etc.
And I like the colorfulness so you can be seen by motorists.
Calibrated monitor will show primary colors with the highest colorfulness (chroma), available by hardware, and with obtained balance.
What the leaders of the paper praise as an indispensable development toward modernization and improvement of the paper's appearance, the journalist criticizes as selling out the standards of critical journalism, which takes its political responsibility seriously, Moreover, Dagbladet's longstanding traditions of substantial cultural journalism are traded in for sheer colorfulness and shallow trendiness, which points toward a shift of values in society as a whole.
and Sudgen (1994) comment that "perhaps red stands out as the archetypal color--the color that most typifies the idea of colorfulness,"
The colorfulness of light yellow is particularly useful for building pleasing extended hue transitions into a scheme.
Score 4 Very Easy to Navigate and Use: Exceeds Links make excellent use of the web's Requirements timeliness, colorfulness and OR layout is easy to navigate; Exceptional suitable download time; no errors.
It is revealed that the colorfulness of enhanced ceremonial and ritual was attractive not in slum parishes only--it could be received in the countryside as well (though London provided the greatest examples of ritual innovation).
One can choose one or the other in the latter case going on nutrition, or on sweetness, or on colorfulness, or even on price.
Not surprisingly, it differs considerably from the colorfulness and raciness of the informal style of the letters to Novello and others.
In a perfect stroke, the last fully illuminated object is a prison, a symbol of the entrapment caused by George's act, but Jenny Blair ironically comprehends only the superficial colorfulness of the moment's setting and situation.
AIE adjusts for sharpness, exposure, contrast and colorfulness to enhance poor photograph quality.