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Synonyms for colourful

Synonyms for colourful

striking in variety and interest

having striking color


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3) is the most discriminative metric among three metrics, we may conclude that the performance differences among TMOs are mainly dependent on the colorfulness.
For example, Fairchild (2013a) describes that five perceptual dimensions are necessary for a complete specification (brightness, lightness, colorfulness, saturation, and hue).
Such an improvement would be a step toward an illumination metric related to colorfulness per watt that would be more directly related to human impression of the illuminated environment.
These were the White public school teachers who were not trained to deal with their Whiteness in response to our rich, beautiful Colorfulness (McIntyre, 2003).
Being organized during the period of the London Olympics, this two-day event is scheduled to be held on August 1 and 2 at the Southbank Centre and guarantees a mix of a learning experience, colorfulness and excitement for individuals and families alike.
It seems that the colorfulness of the plastic bags and dirty bottles that attracted the children to the landfills has made it a favorite playground for many children in Binaslawa.
Nowruz ancientness, variety, colorfulness, and rich symbolism mark it off from its peers in other nations and countries.
The relative images of exquisite and meretricious as well as soft and hard were related to colorfulness [a.
For its part, the intensity of territory cover creates a space compositional fulfillment, contributes to a landscape organization, colorfulness, interestingness and balance.
While no one would mistake this show for a serious prize winner, its neon rainbow of loopiness is far more worthy of accolades than the manufactured colorfulness of the business-world musical a block or two away.
MICMACS: Jean-Pierre Jeunet ("Amelie," "Delicatessen") may be the only filmmaker who rivals Wes Anderson in colorfulness of palate.
Saint Elias as a Christian incarnation of a heathen sun god and the Greek Apollo come to mind; the colorfulness of the image recalls Kazimir Malevich's late pictures, and an emphasis on surface lends an abstract touch.
This parliament can not make concessions from its principles established 89 years ago on colorfulness, freedom and democracy, Erdogan said.
What used to be a (reduplicating) reference to the colorfulness and the attractiveness of the badge ("bon-bon"), is reinterpreted in the suspense of this critical moment by Matzerath as a candy and hidden in his mouth.