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  • adj

Synonyms for colorful

full of color

evoking strong mental images through distinctiveness

Synonyms for colorful

having striking color


Related Words

striking in variety and interest

having color or a certain color

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95), though a rather thin cut, may not impress an affirmed steak fancier, but it has good taste, is tender in texture and comes forth colorfully with a small heap of white cannellini beans, green arugula leaves and cream-toned pecorino cheese shavings.
Straight from a Texas grandma and her Nashville song-writing friends comes "There's a Moose on the Loose," a colorfully illustrated children's book of country critters, including a moose, a mouse, a lion and a cat in a frilly hat.
50) of Napa cabbage, crispy flat rice noodles, thin-sliced cucumber, tiny red and orange tomatoes and other good stuff all tossed in a sesame-soy vinaigrette might be colorfully ringed with mandarin orange segments or persimmon in season.
The outside of the urethane foam-filled vests are covered with a colorfully patterned cotton shell.
Baltimore Ravens owner Art Modell, who last year colorfully described any Coliseum proposal as putting a new dress on an old hooker, is one of several other owners who remains unconvinced.
Sonic will offer other educational-focused prizes in 2004, including the Smart Cube(TM), a building block-style toy colorfully imprinted with facts and figures, and Wacky Story Cards(TM), playing cards featuring nouns, verbs and pictures for children to create their own stories by using the cards.
Yet, the MALIBU Mango and MALIBU Pineapple bottles themselves are vibrant and colorfully translucent, allowing consumers to view the clear rum inside while creating a link between the packaging and the light, exotic fruit flavor of the product," commented Grimes.
1 fell on a Sunday, an impromptu throng of colorfully and outrageously dressed friends marched the parade route.
Successful hipster (Andie MacDowell) bickers then bonds with her colorfully developmentally challenged sister (Rosie O'Donnell) after their father's death.
It was, however, colorfully performed, especially by Bernard Gaddis and Bellamy.
producers of low-cost, colorfully packaged computer software created to meet the budget needs of most consumers, has established a separate, wholly owned direct marketing subsidiary, Software America, headquartered here.
Deftly written and colorfully illustrated by Warren Hanson, Raising You Alone is a wonderfully presented picturebook that uses a family of rabbits to illustrate the quirks and challenges that single-parent families must deal with.
NBLI utilizes a naturalistic approach, combining uniquely composed stories with motivational skill-building activities within a colorfully designed CD-ROM addressing speech and language delays.
In the commercials, the characters sit around the family dinner table discussing sports and life, with Wise LeBron - a grumpy old man - stealing the show as he colorfully boasts about his days as a star basketball player.
Colorfully illustrated by Ben Hodson, Wishes And Worries is a picturebook story specifically produced by the Centre for Addition and Mental Health (CAMH) to help children ages 5 to 10 understand a parent who drinks too much alcohol.