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  • adj

Synonyms for colorful

full of color

evoking strong mental images through distinctiveness

Synonyms for colorful

having striking color


Related Words

striking in variety and interest

having color or a certain color

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Colorful Balloons, which was approved by the company in May, resembles Facebook's Moments app.
The Colorful Communities program provided PPG volunteers and products along with financial contributions to bring color and vitality to communities where the company operates around the world, such as in Gravatai, where PPG operates a RENNER[R] Paints facility.
San Isidro Labrador and the town's abundant harvest are celebrated by the people of Lucban in Quezon province in one of the country's biggest and most colorful festivals.
The Colorful Communities project brought together more than 20 PPG volunteers from the local PPG industrial coatings plant, who spent two days revitalizing an old wall located in the city center by creating a bright, colorful mural showing the most recognizable buildings of Cieszyn the watch tower and the castle.
This year Colorful Concepts was one of the companies to have their product named Product of the Year which is extremely positive news for such a young company.
The latter moved second at the third bend and ran on with gusto, but at the line it was Colorful Champ by a length-and-a-half.
Bryan uses bold, colorful cutouts to accompany the lyrics of favorite spirituals.
Dutch label Oilily has moved its colorful women's and childrenswear downtown to 465 West Broadway.
Zubie The Lightning Bug: I Want To Remember Your Thoughts by Candace Coleman and with colorful illustrations from Ginger Nielson, is the colorful tale of Zubie the little lightning bug and his loving mother.
Some of the inexpensive natural resources one can use for decorating are: dried flowers, pine cones, acorns, twigs, colorful (autumn or spring) leaves, wooden sticks, tree limbs, sea shells, straw, colored stones, colored bricks, and fresh flowers and plants.
From rocking chairs just as suited for granddad as for a lumberjack, to area rugs inspired by colorful winged creatures great and small, the beauty and simplicity of the natural world shines through this season.
Joseph Pulitzer's New York WORLD flourished at the turn of the 20th century and grew from a modern daily paper to a sensationalist publication packed with striking colorful art, from photos to cartoons and drawings.
Eccentric, witty, and openly gay, he is remembered as a talented, capricious, and colorful "diva" who enjoyed night life in the company of artists, musicians, and writers, and, with them, members of local high society, all of whom he eagerly captured in his art.
95): gorgeous photos by Alexis Xenakis provide colorful visual embellishment to projects which are zippy and original in design and colors.