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Synonyms for colorfast

permanently resistive to fading

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having color that is resistant to fading or running

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The Image Permanence Institute of the Rochester Institute of Technology found HP Colorfast Photo Paper to resist noticeable fading for up to 26 years under glass, and up to 17 years without glass.
LTL's staple product is the ColorFast line, available in a wide range of polymers for high-performance applications.
The manufacturing of Eco-spun prevents some of the 51 billion bottles a year from ending up in landfills and the fabric is colorfast, shrink resistant and strong.
Like the original, Microtex Lite is quiet, ultra-fast drying, very durable, shrink resistant, and colorfast.
Available in a wide variety of colors, these yarns are high-strength, colorfast and fade-resistant.
During two and a half days of workshops at Verkmenntaskolinn, Koehler showed students how to "dress" a loom prior to weaving, offered valuable tips about how to dye wool so it remains colorfast and explained other processes he has developed over his 30-year career as a leading textile artist in the United States.
If there are still some stubborn, soiled spots that haven't washed out, scrub them with a white or colorfast cloth.
It has a black wood frame, and the back and seat are made from spun-polyester fabric that's colorfast, water-repellant and fade-resistant.
With colorfast logwood dyes in use and in demand, the English Parliament lifted its ban on logwood in 1661 (3); the logwood trade then became increasingly profitable.
Colortime markers are easy for little hands to hold on to and the colorfast markers make it possible for children to wear or use their colored items immediately.
When the researchers tested the baths on fibers from milkweed plants and rabbit hair, only one combination--sumac, bedstraw, and potassium carbonate--produced a deep red that was colorfast.
DuPont Ink Jet has introduced a new line of colorfast digital textile inks to the outdoor" fabric, flag and banner markets.
As for exterior finishes, brick is the most durable, and the most expensive, but BGO builds in markets where cement-based stucco siding and stone are popular, and synthetic "faux" stone is equally popular because it is durable and colorfast.
It holds a unique place among commercial carpets -- it is very stain resistant and colorfast.