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Synonyms for colored

a United States term for Blacks that is now considered offensive

having color or a certain color

having skin rich in melanin pigments

favoring one person or side over another

(used of color) artificially produced

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Products are FDA and CONEG-compliant and nondusting, competing with colored fibers, colored thermoplastic/ thermoset chips, and metal-flake pigments.
The company, based in Independence, Ohio, makes both equipment and colorants that it supplies to grinder manufacturers as well as to contractors who make and apply colored mulch.
After Upton finishes mixing his colors, he chooses a variety of lighting equipment, including strobes (flashing lights) and Icons - stationary lamps that rotate 360 [degrees] to beam colored light anywhere on the stage.
Products are FDA and CONEG-compliant and non-dusting, competing with colored fibers, colored thermoplastic/thermoset chips, and metal-flake pigments.
In addition to its Chromacore patents, Color Kinetics holds several intellectual property filings covering the use of multiple colored LEDs to generate fully controllable white light.
Clariant obtains more accurate predictions of the processing behavior of colored resins by giving Moldflow the real physical constants of the colored material, which Moldflow plugs into its database.
7 million colors and a variety of colored lighting effects via microprocessor-controlled red, green and blue LEDs.