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Colorblindness therefore became a goal for many desegregated schools of the time (Revilla, Wells, & Holmes, 2004).
As a white researcher working with primarily white teachers, I have found Critical Race Theory (CRT) to be valuable in addressing the colorblindness that still exists in teachers' thinking and teaching practice while also tapping into the way teachers value students.
Part III confronts the debate over colorblindness as it would be presented if strict scrutiny were restored to its proper footing and concludes that standard affirmative action programs are in fact constitutional, however unwise they may be as policy in many contexts.
Specific topics include: addressing inequality without blame or shame, student resistance to hearing about privilege, colorblindness and racism, teaching about privilege to the privileged, the global feminisms project as a pedagogical tool, addressing heterosexual and gender-conforming privilege, experiential learning to raise awareness of privilege, and Christian privilege.
Black Males in the Green Mountains: Colorblindness and Cultural Competence in Vermont Public Schools.
The patented "general measuring system" was designed to aid caregivers who may have colorblindness, dyslexia or dyscalculia.
Before their colorblindness was reversed, two monkeys were unable to see--.
Given the widespread belief in colorblindness within contemporary America, the race card refers to those efforts to add race into a supposedly race-neutral situation.
Remember to occasionally put on a mismatched outfit (you might not even have to pretend) and ask your wife how it looks, to demonstrate colorblindness and lack of taste.
If you're noticing what appear to be vision-related performance issues with certain lab employees, and if the ability to discern colors is an essential job function for those individuals, you can legally test them for colorblindness.
Although CEE's holding applies to race- and sex-based programs, its analysis depends on factors unique to race-based strict scrutiny: the most restrictive means and purpose tests,(7) the underlying fact that courts persistently disfavor race-based preferences, and the rhetoric of colorblindness.
The first vision, colorblindness, calls for nothing beyond strict enforcement of antidiscrimination laws.
The firm is committed to increasing public awareness and sensitivity about colorblindness and to provide help to those individuals who may be limited by this visual handicap.
At its face value, colorblindness seems like a good thing -- really taking MLK seriously on his call to judge people on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin,'' Monnica T.