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a lyric soprano who specializes in coloratura vocal music


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Here the coloratura soprano shouted and cried in fear of the final judgment.
They primarily apply their vocal mastery in the demanding coloratura soprano aria Eja Mater and the meditative alto solo Fac tne plagis.
50 Wolverhampton Born in Florence, Luisa Tetrazzini (1871-1940) was an Italian coloratura soprano of great international fame who made her debut in Florence in 1890.
Dame Joan Dame Norma praised her gifts today and said: "For me and countless others she was the greatest coloratura soprano of the 20th century.
Dame Norma praised her gifts and said: "For me and countless others she was the greatest coloratura soprano of the 20th century.
Kyra Koh, a classically trained coloratura soprano and a member of the Loudoun Lyric Opera, presented a program of opera selections, including Puccini's O Mio Babbino Caro and Charles Gounod's Romeo and Juliette.
When at the University College of Wales, Cardiff I had singing lessons with a certain Mr Peppercorn who believed that I could have a future as a coloratura soprano.
These often included musical performances by Pete, playing guitar accompaniments for his wife, Leona, a coloratura soprano, often joined by other family members.
Originally from Anglesey, Gwyn has been living in Cardiff for the past five years and three and a half years ago married American coloratura soprano Stacey Wheeler who he met while working at the Lyric Opera in Chicago.
A quicksilver-voiced coloratura soprano who started out as an actress, not a singer, she brings a visceral depth to the part not likely seen or heard since the days of Callas.
Beverly Sills, acclaimed Brooklyn-born coloratura soprano and popular opera singer, died July 2, 2007.
Convinced she was a gifted coloratura soprano, the eccentric Pennsylvania-born socialite gave regular recitals that routinely filled the houses despite universally awful acclaim.
Didier Talpain, who produced Abou Hassan in Athens several years ago, will conduct the orchestra that will be accompanied by the baritone Pierre-Yves Pruvot, the tenor Jean-Marc Delescluse, as well as Miss Hiroko Kouda, coloratura soprano.
A society lady who fancied herself a great coloratura soprano, Jenkins was as dreadfully untalented as she was committed.
The gala ended on a musical high with the song Time to Say Goodbye performed by soprano Mavis Callihoo, baritone Carey Newman, and coloratura soprano Minda Forcia.