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Synonyms for coloration

the timbre of a musical sound

choice and use of colors (as by an artist)

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Ethnic looks continue to be strong with the emphasis on rich colorations and heavy textural elements.
Deep colorations -- mixed with neutral backgrounds -- provide the backdrop for the soft, rich hand of a variety of chenilles.
Ron Couri, Couristan president and chief executive, classified Vibrations as a transitional pattern and described it as "DNA on a rug," adding that the colorations are very popular -- in golds, sage and browns.
Featuring delicate vines in a petit-point loop, this 100 percent wool style is available in six colorations.
The muscle relaxant chlorzoxazone (Algisin, Paraflex, Parafon Forte), the antibiotic rifampin (Rifadin, Rofact), antipsychotics, and some antiparasitic medications may cause spectacular colorations in urinary discharge.
Among the latest here is a pastel-colored piece from the Metro Collection, which is of mercerized cotton and has a looped construction; several new rich colorations for the ornately patterned Estates Collection, which is of 100 percent wool pile and uses hand-carved details for added texture; three new rounds, as well as standard sizes, for Heirloom Sand from the wool Antiquity Collection; and two new shades for the Historic Collection.
Nevamar's collection also features striking woodgrain patterns of uncommon woodgrain structures and unusual colorations for a dramatic statement, especially when paired with certain neutrals.
The Oak Harbor Collection gains new colorations at Colonial Mills.
It will colorfully guide visitors from nearby I-95 and boaters from the Long Island Sound with its weather warnings and holiday colorations.
Inspired by the precious metal used in Japanese jewelry, Nevamar's Sasanami pattern is a magical mix of gold, silver, copper and blue colorations that successfully conveys a sense of contrast and balance, all at once.
The New Tibet Collection features contemporary designs in earth tones and neutral palettes, although custom colorations may be ordered to meet special requirements, as may custom sizes.
FirstStep is Glass 1 fire rated and available in seven colorations.
More traditional Oriental rug patterns are being updated in both design and colorations to meet today's market demands, as seen at last month's International Home Furnishings Market here.
Couristan's Joseph Abboud Environments collection stressed textural interest and subtle colorations rendered in wool with faux silk accents.