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the timbre of a musical sound

choice and use of colors (as by an artist)

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While government and local officials visited the scene to investigate, the source of the coloration remained elusive because of the complex structure of the sewage networks in the area.
We used the Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) asa model species to examine the extent to which coloration varied with individual body condition and the amount of urbanization surrounding forested parks in central Ohio, USA.
hypotheses concerning coloration of leaves and other plant parts need
Some of the ideas Tucke recorded that might have been discussed further include the relationship of notational coloration to heraldry (which Woodley announces will appear in a forthcoming publication), the use of arsis and thesis for retrograde and inversion in melody, the astrological and metallurgical parallels to the solfeggio system, and the combination of musical rhythm with Greek poetic meters that might be traced to the Oxford quadrivial scholar and author of an important treatise on alchemy at the beginning of the fourteenth century, Walter Odington.
Hair coloration packaging can be one of the most difficult types of premium packaging to produce because it requires consistency across sometimes more than 50 different product variations," said Thomas Jonas, president, MWV Beauty & Personal Care.
Our work shows that rapid adaptive change, such as the evolution of lighter coloration among Sand Hills mice, need not always rely on pre-existing genetic variation," said Linnen, a postdoctoral researcher in Harvard's Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology.
The Oak Harbor Collection gains new colorations at Colonial Mills.
Euphorbia tirucalli 'Sticks on Fire' is a succulent known as pencil tree on account of it being nothing but a series of jointed stems; here, the so-called pencils have pink, yellow and orange coloration.
Fully seasoned chips yield a yellow coloration whereas fresh or partially seasoned chips yield a pink coloration, the intensity of which is a function of the seasoning time.
Versaflex OM 6050X was recommended because of its soft touch, adhesion to nylon and ease of coloration.
Zebras camouflage by _(_)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ coloration.
Perhaps we treat music a tad too casually in the dance world, sometimes taking it for granted as if it were merely the umpty-trumpty trampoline of our art, the rhythmic punctuation and, at times, emotional coloration of our dance.
Lumileds' exclusive die coating technology ensures uniform coloration in the beam pattern, eliminating commercially unacceptable color irregularities that occur with white LEDs from other vendors because of a lack of uniformity in phosphor coverage of the die.
Many bird species use carotenoid pigments as colourants, which are responsible for most of their red, orange and yellow coloration.
In vivid coloration, gestural exuberance, and overall scale, Stan Kaplan's second show of abstract canvases at Mary Goldman Gallery notably ratcheted up the ambitions of his first.