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something that imparts color

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at the Exhibition Venue, where eminent Speakers will elaborate on current scenarios and future trends in the Global Colorants Industry, with specific reference to China & India.
Compatibilizers, such as Air Products ZetaSperse[R] 179 and 182 Dispersants and Carbowet[R] CA100 and GA210 Surfactants, when used in the paint preparation, can help to compatibilize colorants for improved color development and acceptance by providing fast acting, additional stabilizing properties to the colorant when it is added to the base paint.
Synthetic food colorants were the largest product segment, with demand estimated at 17,907.
Uniflon will inventory and distribute the full portfolio of Colorant Chromatics solutions for extrusion and injection molding applications in industries such as healthcare, automotive, and wire and cable.
Available in both natural and nature-identical sources, the colorants are vegetarian, kosher, halal and certified free of any allergenic ingredients.
The continuous, industrially scalable process known as SSSP was used to disperse colorant materials in a polymer matrix.
Danish scientists have examined the potential of polyketide pigments produced from chemotaxonomically selected non-toxigenic fungal strains, such as Penicillium and Epicoccum, to serve as food colorants.
Colorant formulations contain pigments, surfactants, dispersant, polyethylene glycol, defoamer, and biocide.
Additional information on the new colorant product line for rubber mulch can be found at the company's Web site, www.
The website is devoted to the company's Chroma-Tek line of colorants, pigment dispersions and other resin additives.
PolyOne is exhibiting a full range of polymer, colorant and additive healthcare solutions this week at MD&M West in booth 3213.
Chromaflo and CPS Color's colorant business combined to create one of the leading independent global colorant system and pigment dispersion platforms worldwide, serving customers in architectural and industrial coatings Is well as the thermoset plastics markets.
The Solsperse M Series enables formulators to quickly select the ideal hyperdispersant for their unique industrial colorant requirements optimizing compatibility, efficiency, regulatory compliance and overall quality, according to the company.
The colorants business develops, produces, and markets colorant systems for decorative coatings under the trademark COLORTREND [R].
The catalog is ideal for users whose resins and applications demand specific colorant properties.