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Pre-Elec tSD 12-000 static-dissipative compounds are colorable alloys of acetal and inherently dissipative polymers.
Many of the models used by surgeons to aid in the separation of conjoined twins at Children's Medical Center in Dallas in October 2003 were built using the selectively colorable, medical-grade stereolithography material RenShape SL Y-C 9300 from Huntsman Advanced Materials.
Mykrolis believes that Pall has defied the Court's preliminary injunction order issued on April 30, 2004 that prohibits Pall from importing and selling certain of Pall's photoresist filtering products or colorable imitations thereof.
On August 13, 2008, the judge denied the plaintiff's request, finding that the plaintiff failed to make colorable claims or demonstrate that she would suffer irreparable harm requiring injunctive relief.
The DuraGrip grades, available in 30 to 80 durometer A hardness, come in easily colorable natural, black, translucent and clear versions.
Solvay has also developed a new colorable TPO for hard instrument panels that integrate the passenger-side airbag module into the IP to achieve a seamless or hidden appearance.
its PhotoKleen EZD-2 Filter Assembly products or "any colorable imitation" of those products.
Described as colorable, washable, reusable, recyclable, clean (low outgassing), and permanently dissipative even in very low humidity (12%) conditions, Pre-Elec ESD 6110, a high-impact polystyrene (HIPS)-based static dissipative compound from Premix Thermoplastics, is intended for thermoformed ESD-proof packaging applications in the electronics, medical, pharmaceutical, and paper-handling industries.
Following these cases, Louis Vuitton subsequently alleged that Sony BMG had distributed, offered for sale and sold certain CDs of the artist Ruben Studdard's album, "The Return," bearing unauthorized reproductions, copies and /or colorable imitations of the Louis Vuitton intellectual property.
They are also colorable and laser markable, and their densities (1.
At Roxio, we respect the legitimate intellectual property rights of others but in this instance there is no colorable argument that the claims set forth in the patent read on any Roxio products.
The new Santoprene TPVs in black and colorable grades are available in three hardnesses: Shore 55A, 64A, and 73A.
Judge Kaplan also entered a broad permanent injunction against Glycobiotics and related parties enjoining them from "making, using, offering to sell, selling, or otherwise distributing within the United States, or importing into the United States, defendant's product, Glycomannan, as well as colorable imitations thereof, including, without limitation, products that are substantially equivalent in composition to Glycomannan, and any other products that infringe the '807 Patent and/or the '431 Patent.
Colorable rubber compounds are said to meet the growing demand for eye-catching, cost-efficient and durable parts in appliances, hand tools, garden tools, automobiles and many other consumer applications where aesthetics are important, according to the manufacturer.
The company says a new low-color FR additive makes it possible to formulate V-0 glass-filled nylons that are colorable.